Why weather change triggers asthma a lot – How to protect yourself

Why weather change triggers asthma a lot – How to protect yourself : Suffering from Asthma means a lot for all those who suffer from it. They always keep the inhalers at their pocket, try their best to quit smoking and even stay protected from pollution.

However, the biggest issue that remains for them is cold and cough. After taking the best of the measures, they feel helpless in this aspect, and that is the biggest challenge for staying protected against asthma triggers. So you have to use Asthalin Inhaler 100mcg for respiratory disease and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

The biggest reason that you fail in this challenge is unprotected behaviour during the weather changes. Majority of the cases of cold and cough, as has been researched shows that they happen during the weather change and being very much realistic in the approach of analysis, you find no proper way out for making yourself protected during those time.

Make the understanding clear

The thing that you need to adapt to stay protected during these times lies in the situation and the climatic factors and of course, in the triggering effect of your asthma. Asthma is the ailment of your bronchi and hence the need of the hour is to remain free from cough and cold, but the weather change condition is such that you cannot make a proper way out of it – this is the case. Hence, the thing that you will have to identify is the core reason why cough and cold cannot be resisted during the change of weather and whether there is any way out for protecting yourself during those times.

What happens during weather changes

There is definitely a way out, and the need here is the adaptation. You and your health have to be adopted with the weather change, and if you can make it, you will remain free from all types of ailments that are resulted from it.

If someone is coming to your home and by knowing that he is coming, you opened up your gate – how pleased that person would be? Just take that in a different way – a person is in a hurry, and he is willing to get out. Now if he finds that you are not ready to leave him, how will the situation be?

This is the case with the weather as well. We generally deny the weather change and feel ready to be in touch with the same, once the weather condition is permanently seated. Then what happens is that our physics and the inner organs and their functions won’t remain ready to accept what is coming – which naturally affects our health the most. The initial and the vital result of the same is an attack of cold and cough, and that is one of the major triggering agents of asthma.

How to nullify the effect

The efforts have to be made to make the body of us greet the weather change that is happening. For example, if it is the winter season coming, we will have to take on the jackets, and that is a proper greeting to the new weather. Same is the case with the winter while setting off. What we do is we continue to wear heavy jackets, and that is the core reason for the sweats, and the final result is cold and then asthma.

The thing that is needed to be done is to keep you open for what is coming and what not is going. The human mind is always busy about the past happenings and the future happenings, but fears to remain stick to the present and that is the major reason for all the fears and other things. The straight cut thing that can turn the cards on is regarding the openness to the changes of the weather condition; more you are open to nature, better is the chance that you will not be harmed by the weather change.

Any medication for the purpose

  • Weather change is a natural phenomenon, and you have no hands on it. Hence, there is always a need to do something extra for the protection, and that can be done through medication. When nothing has happened, there is no point of taking any medication beforehand and give an invitation towards the ailment, but the thing that has to be kept in mind here is the support that has to be adopted.
  • You are doing all to protect the cold and cough, but if your protection fails, then what to be done? So, keep medicines for cold and cough. Moreover, since you have asthma, it is natural that you will be in a stage to develop that cold and cough into an allergy, and that will be the ideal triggering agent for your asthma. Hence to protect that possibility is what you must concentrate on and to do that keep with you some anti-allergic medicine that has been prescribed to you by your physician and that suits you ideally.
  • Finally, you do always keep your inhaler at your nearby, and this is the time when you must keep that handy with you. This is the medication that is the friend of your bad times and hence do not forget that by any means.

Whatever medicine you keep with yourself is right, but keep in mind that you must not have them before the condition is too much critical, and there is no other way to have them. All the medications that you do apply at the time of asthma treatment are of high dosage and hence having them at the time when you won’t need it can be dangerous. Hence keep an eye towards the same.





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Why weather change triggers asthma a lot – How to protect yourself

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