You can solve your financial problems with spiritual mode too

You know! The sources of problems lie both in the material world as well as in the eternal world. The eternal world belongs to your consciousness. Both worlds are so deeply interlinked that one who is cognizant of the intrinsic is cognizant of the extrinsic and who is cognizant of extrinsic is cognizant of the intrinsic world. Hence, intrinsic world correlates with the spirituality while the extrinsic is affected with your physical conditions.

There are some people who assume that spirituality holds keys to all the problems we face in our day-to-day working, the problems we faced in the past and the problems which may come across in the future too, while other thinks that we can get solution by readjusting our material world accordingly. Once you are able to manage your household expenses, your financial requirements on your own educational expenses, your children education, your savings, your pension plans, your housing requirements, your medical expenses on health, vacation, insurance, marriage etc. it may bring about your mental peace but the requirements do not come to an end. One after one, they continue to come up.

In fact, it is holistic approach to review and change your internal and external world after identifying the merits and demerits of each and every probable solution of your problems. If we go deeply in the roots of our problems, we find that today mankind is faced with two basic challenges – unlimited personal wealth and unlimited consumption.

On account of limitless individual possession, one section of the society is becoming more and more affluent, whereas other section is getting deprived of the basic essentials. They are reeling under the agony of extreme hunger, poverty and lifelessness – just compelled to live their lives. To solve these problems, the society will have to move on at the earliest at its own, otherwise the circumstances may bring in some revolution to result into the proper balance of the resources. In case we improve ourselves individually, the society as a whole may undergo the change automatically. Let’s make out the efforts at our own without awaiting for a collective movement to take place.

First of all, we, as a householder, may take a vow to put a limit on our possessions. After making a list of the essentials, we must not gather more than that. It will curb our greed and our extra expenses too. Secondly, we may have a limit to our consumption pattern too. It will curb the environmental pollution and unhealthy competition between various segments of the society. Thirdly, we may fix up a limit to our attachments to our sensuality, pomp and show and gathering of leisure-comforts. This will control damage to the natural resources and help us to maintain a balance in our income and expenses.

If such efforts are undertaken on the individual basis, it is natural that the other one may tend to copy you as and when he sees the positive impact of your vows on your life style. If such efforts are coupled with those for external world like expanding your social network, love and humanity for all, it may bring in change for better readjustments in social equations and it may solve the financial problems as well. It is possible that with undertaking these vows, the problems may not disappear immediately but soon it will have positive effects in this direction.

Be Happy – Solve your financial problems by making a coordination between your essential requirements and your possessions.