Solve Your Financial Problem

Generally we understand money as a tangible resource that resides in our wallet and bank account until we need to spend it, to pay bills, buy products and services and support worthwhile causes.

When you need more money for our health care, for our children education, for our vacation, for our social security, for our pension plans, for our spirituality related issues, for our insurance premiums, our auto insurances,and many other requirements like our house, real estate, future plans, marriage etc., we do what most people do like taking physical action that will bring in more money, such as working extra hours, asking our boss for a raise, or even selling a few of our material possessions. What we may not realize is that we can attract money into our life in much easier ways; simply by changing the way we think about money. We can make the difference between a lifetime of lack and struggle, and abundance of money with ease. In this process, we come across some mistakes that people make when attempting to attract more money into their lives.

1. Holding a Mind-Set of Lack and Struggle: Based on your own life experiences, would you say that obtaining money on a regular basis is easy or difficult? In other words, do you have to work very hard to receive enough money to cover your monthly expenses, or does money seem to come to you effortlessly? Take some time to think carefully about these questions because they reveal something very important about your overall mind-set regarding money and wealth. You can tell immediately whether you have a wealth mind-set or lack mind-set by looking at your life experiences. Your mind-set creates your experiences. Your thinking is activated by your mind-set – in other words, the things you think, believe and feel on a regular basis. Here’s how it works: Your thoughts trigger your emotions. Your emotional state emits a specific frequency of energy to the universe, and the universe returns events and experiences into your life, corresponding with your emotional frequency. When you think and feel positively on a regular basis, everything in your life seems to flow more easily, including money. When your thoughts and emotions lean more toward the negative side on a regular basis, you experience more problems, setbacks and financial lack in your life.

Also important are your beliefs. Your beliefs form the structure of what is possible for you. If you believe, you have to work hard to have a lot of money; you’ll create exactly that experience for yourself. If you don’t believe you deserve more than a certain amount of money, you’ll block more from arriving. Whatever your beliefs are, they are your TRUTH, and you will subconsciously create the evidence that supports that truth over and over again until you learn to do things differently.

2. Focusing on What You Don’t Have: Have you ever agonized over a shortage of money? Have you worried obsessively about not being able to pay your bills or buy something you wanted? Believe it or not, you were probably making the situation worse by doing so. We know that the lack is the condition of not having something you want. In other words, the absence of something. But the absence of exactly what may surprise you. Lack is not the absence of money, or health, or love. Those are just the symptoms of lack. At its core, lack is simply the blockage of ENERGY. When it comes right down to it, everything is energy. When you experience lack of any kind, it’s a sure sign that you are cutting off the natural flow of energy through your life. Every time you worry about your financial situation, agonize over a shortage of money, or feel stressed about your bills, you attract more of the experience of lack into your life. You will have to focus on what you do have and what you want. It may sound incredibly difficult to focus on the positive when your life doesn’t look so rosy, but it is vital to find a way to do it. When you focus on the good things you already have and think about the things you want from an optimistic and hopeful state of mind, you cannot help but attract more of them into your life.

There are endless ways to begin focusing your thoughts on the things you do have and do want. Start a gratitude journal and jot down a few things each day that you are grateful for. (Hint: even if these things are not related to money, they can still get that positive energy flowing and attract more good things into your life; including more money.) You can also visualize having more money and imagine being able to pay your bills easily. The more you focus on things like this, the more they will begin to show up in your physical reality.

3. Attracting Lack with Negative Emotions: Focusing on lack and struggle is destructive enough, but it’s possible to make it even worse by infusing this focus with strong, negative emotions. Think of your emotions as the fuel that lends power to everything that manifests in your life. When it comes to money, do you often find yourself locked into negative emotions like Fear, Anxiety, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Pessimism, Doubt, Frustration, Worry, Jealousy, Resentment etc. Every time you experience emotions like these, you are creating more lack. In order to turn lack of money into its abundance in your life, you have to avoid investing in these negative emotions.

To prevent negative emotions from creating more lack, you can avoid sinking into feelings like those described here. As soon as you notice yourself starting to feel stressed or worried about money, immediately shift your focus to something else. You can engage in a bit of self-talk if it helps; say something like, ―There’s no point worrying about something I can’t control, so I’m going to focus on something that makes me feel good. Then, spend time on unrelated activities, or find a way to feel better about your financial situation.

You can begin directing more positive emotions toward your financial situation. Even if you have to engage in a bit of fantasizing in order to do so, you need to get some positive emotions flowing to attract more abundance. There are many ways to do this, but one that works well is to keep affirming, ―I always have more than enough money for everything I need. Just keep saying it over and over again, allowing yourself to feel confident and happy that your financial needs are being met. This is also a good thing to do when you notice you’re starting to feel worried or frightened about not having enough money. Immediately turn the focus around and say, ―I ALWAYS have more than enough money for EVERYTHING I need. (Say it with power and conviction in your voice, and really believe that it is so.) As you begin shifting your focus from negative emotions to positive emotions every day, you should start to notice your financial situation shifting to a better place also. You might receive an unexpected check in the mail, you might get a bonus or pay raise at work, or you may even notice you’re starting to receive unexpected gifts or discounts. These are great signs that it’s working! Keep replacing negative emotions with positive as often as possible and you’ll keep the good energy flowing – which will keep inspiring greater and greater change in your life.

4. Destructive Activities that Intensify Lack: Did you know that there are specific activities and habits that can continue to intensify the appearance of lack and struggle in your life? For example, consider how you usually treat the money you have. If money was a person in your life, would he or she feel honored and loved; or abused, neglected and disrespected? Ouch. If you are like most people, your relationship with money could probably use a little tender loving care. Attracting more money into your life means learning to treat money with respect and kindness. Why should you show respect and kindness to an inanimate object? Because money is NOT an inanimate object at all! It is energy, remember? Even more importantly, it is a projection of YOUR energy. That means it is a part of you, and it has a life and intelligence all its own. Therefore, where your money is concerned, it is crucial to avoid the habits and activities like Excessive spending, Excessive debt, Reckless disregard for the importance of money, No savings plan, Financial disorganization, Poor planning, You see, the problem isn’t that you don’t have enough money. The true problem is that you are not managing your money in a way that attracts more of it. You need to respect money and it will love you.

Here are the best things you can do to begin honoring your money (and attracting more!). You must begin a savings plan immediately. It doesn’t matter if you can only spare a dollar or two each week, but begin setting some money aside into a savings account right away. And do not touch that money for ANY reason! This step is very important because it puts you into the mind-set of ―having money – even if the amount you have isn’t a lot yet. The more you do this, the wealthier you’re going to feel as you remember that you’re not ―living on the edge.

You must avoid spending money on anything that doesn’t contribute VALUE to your life. Do you really need that cute purse when you’ve already got a closet full of them? Do you really need more ―toys that will only gather dust when you tire of them in a few weeks? Instead, begin spending your money on things that will help you to grow and deepen as an individual. Buy books to expand your knowledge. Invest in business courses or career development programs. Better yet, begin contributing money to investment programs so it can grow and eventually work FOR you. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the occasional treat. You can still enjoy nice things, but be very choosy about what they are and how often you buy them.

You must get organized. If you haven’t balanced your checkbook in ages, or you have no idea how much debt you have, figure it out and create a plan for paying it off. The point of this exercise is not to make you feel bad, but to take responsibility for your financial situation. Trust me – you’ll feel much better when you have a clear understanding of where you stand right now, and a solid plan for getting somewhere better. Remember, you don’t have to do everything all at once; starting small is okay. But even small actions done daily will begin to add up and create some big changes.

5. Seeing, Believing and Expecting the Worst: By now you are probably forming a solid understanding of the ways you’ve been creating lack in your life and the activities and habits that will only continue to make it worse. Another habit that can be destructive to your bottom line is constantly seeing, believing and expecting the worst in every situation – especially pertaining to money. How often do you find yourself locked in a cycle of dread or disbelief that your financial situation can get better? For example, do you dwell on frightening possibilities like losing your job or home? Do you worry that the economy will continue to get worse and affect yourself and your family in terrible ways? Do you say things like, ―I just know that things are going to get worse before they get better? Every time you do these things, you are infusing them with power and strengthening the possibility that they will become your reality. You need to see, believe and expect the best. Believe it or not, it is just as easy to see, believe and expect the best in every situation as it is to worry about something awful happening. It just may take a bit more conscious effort if you have made your negative mind-set a habit over the years. To turn your negative mind-set into an abundance mind-set, I would seek you to give all of your attention and energy to get abundance of money in your life.

As often as you can, keep aware of the abundance of worthy items surrounding you. Look at your home and all the possessions within it and marvel at how wealthy you really are. Feel grateful for all you have, and affirm that more is on the way. Also be sure to notice abundance in the world around you. See how nature blooms and thrives so effortlessly, and gaze in awe at store shelves that are loaded with anything you could ever want to buy. Abundance is everywhere if you simply open your eyes to it!

You must believe it’s possible to have more than you can imagine. You are probably used to thinking of your financial situation in very limited ways. You earn money from a job or business, but you can’t see any other way for money to come to you. Acknowledge daily that the universe has UNLIMITED options for arranging more money into your life. Decide on a sum of money you’d like to receive in the near future, and then begin affirming that it is on the way to you. Don’t worry about HOW it will arrive. Just believe that it will find a way to enter your life.

You must expect to receive. Your expectations are very powerful! If you expect to have a limited amount of money, that’s exactly what will happen. Instead, start expecting more money to come to you from many different sources. Affirm daily, ―Today I expect great things to happen. Money, success and abundance in all forms will find their way to me effortlessly and quickly! Then be on the lookout for great opportunities – and grab them when they arrive. Do you see how easy it is to shift your focus from lack to abundance? It’s really just a matter of what you choose to focus on and invest your emotional energy into.

6. Actions that Worsen Stagnation and Struggle: Sometimes when people find themselves in difficult circumstances their judgment becomes clouded, confusion sets in and they end up doing things that just make the problems much worse. For example, have you ever been so overwhelmed by a problem that you didn’t know what to do about it so you did nothing at all and let it snowball out of control? Or, have you ever panicked and taken hasty actions that you regretted later? When you operate from a mind-set of lack and struggle, you have little hope of turning things around because you are infusing the problems with the very same energy that created them in the first place. In order to make lasting changes you have to change the way you operate day to day, mentally, physically and emotionally. You must operate from a state of joy and confidence just as there are actions that can worsen stagnation and struggle, there are actions that can get some strong, positive energy flowing through your life and begin turning everything around quickly and easily.

You must do what you love. The more time you spend feeling GOOD, the more positive emotion you contribute to the creation of your life. This is true in relation to your financial situation, but also all other areas of your life. Be sure to make a habit of doing the things you really LOVE to do each day. This can be everything from creative pursuits to reading inspiring books; spending quality time with friends and family, and making your own self-care a high priority. If it makes you feel light, happy, fulfilled and relaxed, do it as often as possible!

You must open gateways for prosperity to enter your life. Are you doing everything you can to help the universe send more money your way? Or are you disallowing abundance by refusing to take action? The universe can find many ways to boost your abundance, but it can do so much more easily if YOU take action to invite greater opportunities! Possible action steps might include: applying for a better paying job, buying a lottery ticket, networking with successful people, sharing your talents and skills with the world, and anything else that will create an opening for abundance to enter your life. Most importantly, do these things without attaching rigid expectations to them. Instead, allow the actions themselves to be fun and enjoyable. Do them because you enjoy doing them, without expecting them to pay off in any other way. When you do this, you are ―allowing lots of great things into your life – including money and abundance in many forms.

You must not worry about the “how”. You may be so used to trying to figure everything out on our own that it can be hard to detach from wondering ―how abundance will come to you. Don’t try to brainstorm money-making activities or focus obsessively on how to bring in more money. Instead, let the universe work on your behalf. Decide how much money you’d like to have in the immediate future, and then ask the universe to lead you to the best opportunities for attracting it. Not only will you discover better opportunities than you could hunt down on your own, you’ll probably enjoy them much more too! These three steps may seem very simple but they hold great power because they send a strong message to the universe that you are ready, willing and open to receive greater abundance into your life – without grasping desperately at it.

7. Repeatedly Leading the Same Negative Conditions: As you may realize by now, changing your outer financial circumstances is a direct result of changing the way you think and feel about money and abundance. Not only do you need to start thinking and feeling more positively about your financial state, you must also begin to change your entire perception of your life as you know it. Right now, you are living from the perception of a specific reality. You may not have as much money as you’d like to have; you may feel that your job isn’t secure and worry that you may lose it in the near future; you may feel that you have little opportunities to improve your financial situation, and so on. It’s important to understand that these are simply perceptions of the reality you are living. In other words, they are the TRUTHS that you have created about your life.

But what if you could change these perceptions simply by changing your mind-set? You can! You need to change to a New, Abundant Perspective How would you think, feel and act if you had all the money you wanted? How would you think, feel and act if you were successful, happy and content with your life? It would probably be much different than you think, feel and act much of the time right now, right? Starting immediately, begin thinking, feeling and acting like a person who is already living the life you want to be living. Make list of words that describe how you would feel in this new reality. Here are a few examples to get you started: Happy, Secure, Wealthy, Content, Confident, Fulfilled, Passionate, Alive, Joyful, Grateful, Relaxed, Peaceful etc. Keep this list of words handy, and then start thinking, feeling and acting that way as often as possible from this moment on. You may feel strange doing this at the beginning, like you are acting in a play or lying to yourself. That’s normal because your current self-image won’t match up to the new self-image you’re trying to create with this exercise. That’s okay because the more you do this, the more comfortable you’re going to get with it, and eventually your physical circumstances are going to start shifting in a new direction.

Believe me, you have the power to change your life, you have the power to solve your financial problems. If you go through the above submissions seriously and repeatedly, I understand that it can give you some powerful insights about your life and provide some key information to help you begin turning it around. The circumstances surrounding you right now are no accident; they resulted from very specific thoughts, emotions and actions like those already covered. This realization may seem discouraging at first glance but it is actually great news because just as you have created lack and struggle, you can use your new knowledge to begin creating abundance and joy. It is much easier to change one’s mindset and stay on track with new, positive habits once you determine.

Be Happy – Solve Your Financial Problem Just by changing your mind-set. We can gather funds for meeting the requirements of our our health care, for our children education, for our vacation, for our social security, for our pension plans, for our spirituality related issues, for our insurance premiums, our auto insurances,and many other requirements like our house, real estate, future plans, marriage etc.,We can face sudden termination of our service or threat to our financial standing as well.