Your AC May Be Affecting Your Health

Your AC May Be Affecting Your Health : Many people aren’t aware of the airborne pollutants lurking in their AC unit. Does your air feel thick when your AC is running?  Indoor air quality issues can result in a direct threat to your health. Read on to learn how your air could be impacting your health and how it applies to both, men and women.

Poor Ventilation

Your indoor air quality is affected by the air within and around your home. If your HVAC unit isn’t running properly, it can cause you or the ones you love to get sick. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “special mechanical means of ventilation are necessary” to avoid poor indoor air quality. Your HVAC unit could be jeopardizing your indoor air.

A professional HVAC technician is certified and trained to look for outdoor and indoor threats which cause your air conditioning unit to expel bad air. The following is a list of airborne pollutants that could be harboring in your AC unit:

  • mold/mildew
  • dust
  • spores
  • pet dander
  • VOC’s

To avoid poor air quality in your home, you should regularly change your air filters, and use bleach or a shop vac to clean condensate pipes.

Improperly Running Unit

When it’s hot outside, the air conditioner starts to work overtime to keep your home occupants comfortable. An older model, improperly sized, or a poorly functioning air conditioner can create harmful indoor air. Sciencing online says, an air conditioner uses refrigerant that transitions into a gas or vapor that shifts the heat out of your home and outdoors. Unfortunately, when your cooling system is not running properly, emissions from your unit can create poor air quality.

Poor Installation

Installing a new air conditioner unit isn’t a simple DIY task. Hiring a certified technician is the best way to avoid future ac repair Las vegas costs and possible structural damage to your home. Without the help of a professional, your AC unit could have been installed improperly, creating a problem with your indoor air quality. For example, a handyman may not understand how the air should be applied to your home.

Male vs Female Temperature Variations 

While both, men and women have similar body temperatures, there are subtle biological differences that impact their level of comfort when it comes to cool air. Ironically, people suggest, “the industry heating standards are being designed for males.”  According to Professor Paul Thornalley, “studies show variation in the metabolic rate and body heat production between men and women,” that contribute to the difference in environmental temperature needs. This is especially true for active women. Women that perform routine fitness, exercise, or in the working environment need cooler temperatures than men.

However, they both continue to be impacted by poor indoor air quality as a result of a poor AC. Discover how a new AC install can protect your indoor air quality by contacting your area HVAC specialist.





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Your AC May Be Affecting Your Health

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