10 Fun Things To Do While Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth requires a full two minutes. But these two minutes also are the most boring minutes of the whole day. Some people have a really hard time trying to stand still and just focusing on brushing their teeth. Aside from planning your next visit to the family dentist in orleans, how else do you spend your 120 seconds?

Also, almost all of us have to go through the morning rush because we had to get those extra five minutes of sleep.

We have a solution to how to make those boring two minutes of teeth brushing fun, while completely utilizing that time. Here are a few things you could do to make that time fun and get a boost start to the day after a good long night’s sleep.

  1. Pack Your Backpack for School

    Instead of flooding everything into your backpack while rushing out the door, take these two minutes to put everything in your backpack and have it ready to just grab and go.

  1. Reply to Texts and Emails

    Typing only makes use of one finger, instead of leaving your emails pending, try to reply to all the emails and texts you have received. You can get a lot of emails out of your way during these two minutes.

  1. Shower

    While brushing your teeth, go stand under a shower. It will help you freshen up and have a brighter start to your morning.

  1. Exercise

    Do a two minutes one-legged stand while brushing your teeth. This won’t give your body a drastic change too quickly. But any moment you can fit in a little activity is a big win.

  1. Light Housework

    When you are brushing your teeth you only have one hand free. But you can do light housework like water your plants, load the dishwasher or start the coffee maker. Although you should be careful because brushing your teeth can get messy.

  1. Plan Your Day

    While brushing your teeth you can also just down on your bed and plan what you have to do throughout the day. A little extra planning can take you a long way. Simultaneously, you can decide what to wear too. This little extra thinking will clear up your mind from the morning haze, and you will be able to get a lot of work done.

  1. Scroll through Your Social Media

    Almost all of us have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. And checking them every few minutes is a must too. But it is more important to check them as soon as you wake up because God knows what might have happened in the couple of hours that you slept. So you can get your daily dose of social media while brushing your teeth.

  1. Have a Dance Party by Yourself

    Afraid of showing anyone else your killer dance moves, but still want someone to see them? Well, you can have a complete dance party all by yourself while brushing your teeth. Also, it will get you in good mood for the rest of the day!

  1. Catching up on Blogs

    Not all of us, but still a lot of us, follow and read certain blogs according to what we like or are interested in. You can catch up on these blogs while brushing your teeth. If you are not able to read the whole thing then at least you will be able to catch the gist of it.

  1. Just Roam Around Your House

    Brushing only takes two minutes, and as much as they may sound the longest time ever, they are not. One of the easier things to do, while brushing your teeth, is to just roam around your house. And maybe observe things. Look in the fridge you might have to go grocery shopping. Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to replace those dying flowers with fresh ones? These two minutes give you a good time to actually observe your house and maybe make a few changes.


These were the 10 fun things we could think of to do when you are brushing your teeth and bored doing it. Everybody has a different definition of fun, but we hope that we covered most of your definitions. What other fun activities can you think of to do while brushing your teeth?


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