Your Dirty Little Secret: Clip-On Bangs

Your Dirty Little Secret: Clip-On Bangs : Okay, let’s be real—everyone loves the idea of having bangs, but hates actually having them.  Bangs can transform a face, and bangs can even bless you with an iconic, unforgettable look, just ask Zooey Deschanel.  Plus, if you decide to chop your hair to rock bangs, it takes forever to grow them back out, not to mention the sheer maintenance of them!

Put down the scissors because we’ve got news for you: clip-on bangs.  This nifty little hair accessory will revolutionize your hairstyle and change your life.  No, we’re not being dramatic.

Your first step is going to be hunting down the perfect product, and for the most authentic, find a wig piece that’s comprised of real human hair.  These are the best quality extensions in the business, and for good reason.  With clip-on bangs created from real hair, you’ll be able to cut, style, and blend them in with your own natural hair, fooling everyone into thinking that you have killer bangs.

For the best results when working with clip-on bangs, you’ll want to go to your favorite hair stylist professional, who will be able to seamlessly incorporate the extensions in with your real hair.  For some of us, going to salon is just another chore, and if you want clip-on bangs and want to avoid this step, you can!  That’s the magic of clip-on bangs—you can do ’em yourself.

Professional hairdressers will typically recommend washing the hairpiece first before applying it, which will make it look and feel more natural.  When clip-on bangs and any synthetic hairpiece is fresh out of the package, it tends have an overly glossy sheen to it.

If you’ve gone to a professional, the benefit is that you’ll be left with no work to do yourself.  You won’t even have to worry about the length of your faux hairpiece because the salon can trim it for you.  A professional stylist can also work with your natural hair to create one unified look with your faux bangs—another perk.

Your stylist will probably want to texture or blow out your hair to match your new faux bangs, depending on which look you want to emulate.  Your stylist will then secure the clip-on bangs to your hairline, and then proceed to trim and tousle until the bangs are perfectly blended.

You don’t have to hit up the salon to enjoy your clip-on bangs; you can easily install them in the comfort of your own home.  So, instead of spending money and time for a professional hair stylist, just gather all the necessary products to do the job at home, and you won’t need much.  Dry shampoo is a great idea to smooth out the shine of your brand new set of clip-on bangs, making your bangs look like your own hair.

Next, part your hair down the middle.  Doing so will allow the clip-on bangs to sit comfortably and naturally on your head, and for an added bonus, this gets your hair out of the way while you work your magic.

Ask yourself: Do I want a 70s inspired shag?  Or can I try out short bangs of an artistic hipster?  Once you’ve decided, move the clip-on bangs along the crown of you head, following that middle part you implemented earlier, just until you get the fringe line where you want it.  This will also hide the seam of the bangs, practically making it undetectable.

Now it’s time to secure your clip-on bangs to your natural hair. Use the clips that are located on the underside of the fringe to latch them onto your real hair. This part of the process might require a few minutes to adjust your clip-on bangs and blending them in with the surrounding natural hair. Use the longer pieces of your faux bangs and a brush to help frame and mix in with your real hair.

You’re done!  It’s really that easy. The best part? Clip-on bangs are clip-on, so you can take them out whenever you feel like it. Anyone who has had bangs knows of all of the times they wish they didn’t: on a run, at the gym, doing chores, cooking, or just trying to focus.  Clip-on bangs are the solution.



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Your Dirty Little Secret: Clip-On Bangs

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