10 Qualities Skilled Social Workers Possess

10 Qualities Skilled Social Workers Possess : The world is full of mysteries and challenges. At one end, it provides jubilance and tranquility. On the other end, it causes many people to suffer from mental trauma, physical pain, financial crunches, and many other forms of distress. The resentment may invoke the feeling of grief, alienation, marginalization, and frustration.

It might lead to divorce, family breakdown, friendship break-ups, or disassociation with an organization. Hence, to rescue the people from such sufferings, social workers come to the fore. They aid people with their knowledge, connections, and, more importantly, their skills.

A social worker can wear any cap.  A doctor, engineer, accountant, politician, etc., can be a social worker if they have the necessary qualifications and desire to help people by eradicating the latter’s hardships. According to the BLS, around 713,200 people work as social workers in America. Considering the demand for social workers in the United States, skilled social workers must possess some qualities to deal with their clients effectively. Such qualities include:

  1. Empathy

    While working as a social worker, you come across different kinds of clients. Many people may be open to you and tell you everything they would feel. However, some would not feel comfortable and would show resistance in sharing their state of crisis. They may feel judged or that others may not relate to their problems. By showing empathy, you can put yourself in your client’s shoes and understand their grief adequately. This quality comes in handy when employing grief therapy techniques in order to help people cope with their troubles and thoroughly understand their behavior. By empathizing with people, social workers can develop appropriate strategies to help them overcome their grievances.

  2. Patience

    Social workers have to be patient. The diversity of clients demands professionals to have an amenable nature. Not every client is going to have their problems resolved overnight. Instead, you will need to remain patient as you help them navigate through their issues. Your clients may cause you boredom or frustration when you don’t observe favorable outcomes or see them making progress. But, as a social worker, you are bound to understand your clients and give them the best assistance regardless of how long it takes.

  3. Dependability

    The credibility and reliability of a social worker translate into the level of their client’s confidence in them. Research shows that a social worker’s performance is measurable. It further underscores the fact that their openness, honesty, dependability are the crucial parameters that determine their success on the job. If you are up to the mark, people will consult you for personal matters too. Your advice will be valuable to them more than anything else. Hence, by gaining their confidence, you can help them even more.

  4. Organizational skills

    Being organized is a prerequisite for you to manage the cluttered caseloads of work. An organized work-load and time management is the key to success. It enables you to manage your schedule and provides you with more time to focus on your cases. Some cases require a focused mind and a critical understanding of the client’s instinctive behavior. Hence, it would be best to learn how to manage your time according to the cases that need the most attention. You can use apps and alarms to help you out.

  5. Perceptivity

    Your client’s rehabilitation is the manifestation of your seriousness towards his problems. A study shows that clients respond more quickly when social workers pay more attention to what they say and read between the lines. This practice strengthens your bond with the client. Hence, as you get to know their problems more appropriately, you will use the best method to solve them.

  6. Objectivity

    Objectivity defines your way of rehabilitating your clients. While dealing with clients, you should focus on impartial behavior and decision. You should set boundaries that neither you nor your client could cross. For instance, you should not get infuriated if a client tells you that their spouse used to beat them. Instead, you have to be patient without expressing your partiality. It will help you delve deep into the client’s problem and solve it as objectively as possible.

  7. Persistence

    If you are on the expedition of becoming a successful social worker, then persistence should be your mantra in solving cases and growing professionally. You may be people’s last resort or an empathetic friend. It depends on how you behave in quagmires. You may face a setback and may not achieve desirable outcomes. But, the perseverance in you should keep pushing you farther and harder. This quality will help you unlock new ways to assist your clients.

  8. Flexibility

    Social workers often don’t work for 8 hours a day. However, they work at the whim of the nature of the case. For example, if a client rushes to the hospital, you would be required to assist them promptly. And, if your client is a school-going child, you may have to wait hours until school’s over. Successful social workers demonstrate flexibility in performing their duties. Hence, you must be flexible and amenable to the nature of the client while working in an on-call capacity.

  9. Resilience

    You have to be resilient in the pursuit of your career as a social worker. Being a social worker, you often come across some difficult situations. You will encounter issues related to physical or mental abuse, drugs, poverty, alcoholism, and so on. Though you cannot escape from this situation, you should not have to abandon your client in any way. You have to enable yourself to bear others’ burdens and try to bounce back from the pain, and start your next day with grace. Being resilient in the face of adversity will empower you to deliver fruitful results.

  10. Advocacy

    Advocacy has been an instrumental tool in shaping policies for the betterment of clients. Social workers are considered a voice for their clients. They advocate client-friendly policies and programs and demand a new version of outdated policies. They speak up in the best interest of others. Since advocacy is a powerful tool to bring about social change, it ushers in a change in human life.


Humans suffer from a variety of difficulties in their life, from psychological to social to economic. However, social workers come to aid and rehabilitate them. Thousands of social workers are involved in social work activities all over the US, and it is one of the fastest-growing fields. If you are a fresher or an aspirant, you must adopt some essential qualities. The qualities mentioned above will empower you to excel at your work.






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10 Qualities Skilled Social Workers Possess

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