Why Millennials Are Turning to Esoterism and New Age Practices

Why Millennials Are Turning to Esoterism and New Age Practices : Millennials are embracing alternative belief systems in ever increasing numbers. Here are a few of the main reasons why members of the younger generation are turning away from traditional, Abrahamic religions and seeking meaning elsewhere.

The environmental crisis

Esoterism exerts an especially powerful draw for those who wish to live harmoniously with the natural world because of its strong connection to the Earth and the universe.

Millennials were born into a world that was beginning to show the destructive effects of rampant industrialism and repeat environmental disasters. Even worse, they were expected to simply ignore the problem and become good consumers.

As the generation first truly confronted with the fact that the absolutely devastating effect mankind has had on the Earth may be irreversible to some degree, millennials have turned to religions and beliefs that reaffirm their inborn need and responsibility to care for the planet.

Greater access to information

The advent of the internet means that not only can alternative sources of information exist alongside mainstream news and schools, but it is even easier than ever to access those different outlets.

It is almost impossible to browse the internet and not see something that challenges your former perception of reality. And with Millennials using this technology more than any of the previous generations, it only makes sense that they come across this information regularly.

When first coming across new sources of info, many people can be wary of the unfamiliar source and are likely to back away. However, if that same piece of info keeps resurfacing in the course of your internet activities, it starts to become more normalized and plausible. What starts off as a small click can then funnel the viewer into a rabbit hole of never-ending information.

“Nowadays, technology is so advanced that these alternate sources are providing higher and higher production value,” says tarot reader Denise St-Pierre, a regular contributor to Edelwyn, a popular tarot website. “Devices such as HD cameras, audio microphones, and smartphones mean anyone can get their voice broadcasted to an audience of millions and look very presentable while doing so.”

Self-help and independent thinking

The other main reason Millennials may turn to esoteric content is the desire to improve their lives and escape all the negativity that is often promoted in traditional forms of media. When searching for a way to improve their situation, it is common to come across motivational speakers and diatribes on how staying positive and believing in magic are the keys to success.

The teachers, books, and presentations may all word things differently, but they often have the underlying message that there is far more to reality than just the physical plane before us.

When seeing how successful many of the people promoting this information are, it makes the thesis far more believable. Plus, on a deep level, everyone wants to improve their circumstances and have a better day than the ones that came before. Coupled with the fact that things like meditation, positive affirmations, tarot readings and removing negativity from your life are free to try, it makes sense that many people at least give them a try.

Finally, amidst the sea of disinformation out there a lot of spiritual and esoteric knowledge actually contains a lot of truth. “As millennials try things like meditation and yoga, they find that it really does help them calm down from stress and push toward their dreams,” says Joan Wiggins, marketing consultant for the Sivana Spirit yoga apparel brand. “Once they have some tangible proof these things work, it opens the floodgates of additional research topics and things to try.”

In short, spiritual awakenings can happen to anyone, at any time — very often exactly when the person needs it most.





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Why Millennials Are Turning to Esoterism and New Age Practices

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