10 Treadmill Walking Mistakes to Avoid Now!

Even though treadmills offer the most effective workouts, there are 10 treadmill walking mistakes to avoid now! This is mostly to prevent body injuries.

Having a morning run may not work for you on some days. A treadmill can come in handy for you to use it to do your exercises indoors and still achieve the desired results. There are affordable treadmills under $700 that you can purchase for all your workout needs.

Using a treadmill may seem a walk in the park to many fitness enthusiasts who seem to ignore the 10 treadmill walking mistakes to avoid now! Without that, you will not gain as you should when using this crucial equipment. To ensure that you don’t sabotage your end results, make proper use of this machine.

Ten treadmill walking mistakes to avoid now!

Using a treadmill may seem easy, but some of us keep making mistakes when working out with this machine. Some mistakes can lead to injuries making you avoid exercising altogether. To be on the safe side, here are the 10 treadmill walking mistakes to avoid now!

  1. Holding the handrails of the treadmill

    This is the number one mistake many people make when using a treadmill. The moment you hold the sides of the treadmill, you affect your posture. If your posture is affected, you will not perform effectively hence producing unsatisfactory results. You will put less effort when you hold onto the sides, meaning in the end, fewer calories will be burned. Slow down when working out so that you don’t feel the need to hold onto the treadmill’s sides.

  2. Leaning forward

    As you walk on the treadmill, you should avoid leaning forward. When you do that, you will gain a proper walking posture when using this machine. Leaning forward means that you are working out but in a bent position. That should not be the case. Anytime you are using a treadmill, you should be upright such that your upper body is lifted off the hips. A proper posture is advisable, no matter how often you alter the speed of the treadmill.

  3. Long strides

    The notion that long strides cover more ground helping you burn up excess energy is a fallacy. That is a mistake many people make, thinking they will achieve better results. When you leap high with every given stride, you end up subjecting yourself to unnecessary injury. If you are hurt, it means you can no longer keep on working out. I don’t think you want to encounter that; that is why you should avoid making long strides when using a treadmill.

  4. Overdoing your workout

    You may think that the more you keep working out, the more desirable results will be attained. That is not the case because your muscles get sore when you overdo your workouts and cannot keep up with the work. Never make the mistake of overtraining thinking that your body can bear it. If the pains and muscle soreness intensify, stop the workouts.

  5. Same physical exercises

    Another mistake many people make is having the same workout sessions. This is not good for the body because it gets accustomed to the same routine hence not delivering results. If your body gets adapted to the same exercise day in and day out, they will lose their efficiency. Involve other exercises like running or walking, then set alternate exercise sessions.

  6. Skipping warm up

    Before you start using a treadmill, you should start by having some warmups. This is where many people fail the test. Let your body be alert and prepared for the workout sessions by having some warmups. Do a solid warmup before embarking on the more intense sessions when you proceed to use the treadmill.

  7. Safety

    If you are a beginner, it means you are not versed in using a treadmill. Regardless, many people don’t factor in safety measures hence end up succumbing to injuries. Your treadmill should be appropriately set to give you control when exercising. Involving in other activities when using a treadmill is not advisable.

  8. Staring at the fitness monitor

    This should be avoided at all costs. In as much as a fitness monitor works out best in allowing your heart rate and calories to get burnt out, staring at the monitor makes you lose concentration. Don’t bend your neck and back, for that may cause you back problems. Get the most from your treadmill workout session by walking in the correct posture without staring at the monitor.

  9. Stepping on the treadmill at full speed

    When you are ready to start working out, I know the next idea would be to have your treadmill running. The mistake you can make it is to step on it when it’s at full speed. That impact can cause a significant accident that can be easily avoided. So, if the belt is at its full speed, keep off and place your feet on the sides of the treadmill.

  10. Ignoring incline

    Another mistake made when using a treadmill is interfering with the incline. Ensure that the incline is set in a way that it does not affect your posture. It is advisable that you let your machine work with an incline range of 1- 1.5%. If you don’t bear this in mind, you will not attain your fitness goals. You can alternate the incline as you wish to build extra strength and eliminate joint problems.


Attaining physical fitness entails using the right work out equipment to achieve fitness goals. A treadmill is one of the gym equipment you can use to work on your body, enabling you to keep fit. There are no technicalities when using this machine making it is convenient and easy to use.

From our discussion, hopefully, you have noted the 10 treadmill walking mistakes to avoid now! By doing that, you are guaranteed that once you are done with working out, your body weight loss goals will be achieved. Make use of a treadmill as you take precautions not to cause injuries.






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