11 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Your Breast Implants

Before Getting Your Breast Implants: According to an article sourced from the National Library of Medicine website, it is on record that approximately 815,700 women were said to have undergone a breast implant in late 1989. Thirty-two years down the line, we are witnessing an era where women are bolder in getting what they want when they want it. The numbers keep increasing.

Breast implants are known to fine-tune one’s femininity. Do you often find yourself wishing to have a much fuller breast or a reduced one? Breast Implants Poland is here to make your wish a reality.

What are breast Implants about?

According to an article from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ website, breast implants or augmentations are cosmetic surgeries involving the placement of silicone or saline implants into the breasts in order to enhance its size, shape and volume. With Breast Implants, you get to have a perkier, fuller and more appealing breasts.

Who should have their breasts done?

You can have a breast implant surgery if you meet the FDA requirement- you must be a healthy patient who have reached the age of 22. Breast implants are for women with the following needs:

  • Those who want to increase the size of their breasts.
  • Those who want to enhance the shape of their breasts.
  • Women who lost the fullness of their breasts due to breastfeeding.
  • Those who desire to improve their feminine prowess.
  • Those who feel that having their breasts done will give them a lasting boost to their self confidence, etc.

11 things you should know before getting your breasts done

  1. Have your breasts done only because you want it. You should not have an implant out of coercion or bullying and peer pressure.
  2. Are you afraid of how your man or lover will react when you get your boobs done? Be rest assured that most men hardly care whether your breasts are real or fixed.
  3. A breast implant is needed to either reduce the size of your breasts, enlarge them or simply lift them.
  4. Breast implants are not guaranteed to last forever. The average silicone implant can last for about 10-20 years.
  5. It is very possible to have your Implants removed if or when you are no longer comfortable with them.
  6. Signs that your implants need to be replaced or removed includes capsular contracture, leakage or deflation of saline bags, silicone rupture, etc.
  7. Get your breasts done by a qualified plastic surgeon.
  8. The average cost of breast implants in Poland ranges from $4100 to $5950.
  9. Breast implants are carried out by most plastic surgery clinics. Be sure of the clinic’s integrity and professionalism before booking a session.
  10. Your new breasts won’t feel natural to you immediately, you need to work on getting used to it.
  11. You may experience some temporary mild sensations such as prickling in your breasts and nipples after a successful breast implant.






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