3 Tips For Staying Fit During Lockdown

3 Tips For Staying Fit During Lockdown
3 Tips For Staying Fit During Lockdown

3 Tips For Staying Fit During Lockdown : Due to the pandemic-induced lockdowns, people have been forced to stay at home to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The extended period of confinement increased the concerns of major health organizations because it brought about many opportunities for individuals to slip into a sedentary lifestyle.

This spells bad news for your overall health because research shows that physical inactivity may lead to many severe health issues such as stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.

Although it can be quite a challenge, staying fit during lockdown shouldn’t be optional anymore, rather, a ‘must’ that helps people survive and thrive during this massive public health emergency.

Keep your immune systems working efficiently by following these three tips for staying fit during the lockdown:

  1. Stay Hydrated And Choose To Eat Healthily

    Although it can be tempting to eat junk foods while binge-watching your favorite TV shows or working from home, keep in mind that gaining too much weight can be dangerous to your health as well. Staying fit starts with the food you eat. It’s important that you observe a healthy diet to reach or maintain your weight management goals.

    Choosing to eat healthy doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality and taste of the food that you take in. Try to follow recommendations from diet experts on how to eat right, soyou can create a nutritious and balanced meal plan on your own.

    Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated at all times. Remember, not drinking enough water may negatively impact your mood, alertness, and overall brain function. It may also put a strain on some of your internal organs such as your kidneys and the heart.

  2. Maintain An Exercise Routine

    Having no access to a park or gym facility is no excuse to not exercise. There are many ways for you to maintain an exercise routine without relying on gym equipment. Here are some fitness ideas that you can follow to stay physically active during self-isolation:

    • Be Creative With Your Short Active Breaks

      If you’re a person who doesn’t normally do heavy workout routines, you can try to be creative by having short active breaks instead. Improvise your mini-workout routine by playing with your pets or children, walking around your house, dancing, or even performing household chores that you’ve been neglecting for months or years prior to quarantine.

      Consider getting a stand-up desk area so you can alternate between sitting and standing during work or online classes.

    • Take Virtual Workout Classes

      You can easily access numerous videos of home workout routines online. Although many of these are free of charge, you can also opt to attend exclusive virtual workout sessions with your usual fitness gym buddies for a minimal fee.

      Also, there’s no need to worry if you lack the necessary equipment for common workout routines. In fact, calisthenics workout benefits are comparable to those of heavy training sessions that use barbells and dumbbells. You can improvise on the equipment that you use during your workouts, like carrying sacks of rice or using bike racks as a makeshift parallel bar instead.

      Working out may seem boring especially when done alone, so it’s important that you mixup your workout routines from time to time and invite your friends to do virtual training sessions with you. Also, consider enlisting an accountability partner who can motivate you to stay consistent with your daily exercise routines.

  3. Do Not Forget To Rest, Sleep, And Reward Yourself

    Fitness doesn’t always have to mean exercising. It simply means that you take care of your body so that you can live a longer and healthier life. And one of the most overlooked elements of fitness is taking the time to rest and sleep. Remember, taking care of your mind is also part of your overall well-being.

    After sweating buckets from doing your workout routine, it’s important that you reward yourself through gratifying activities such as meditation, afternoon naps, or even indulging in your cravings occasionally. You don’t have to feel guilty for having a cheat-day! You deserve to take care of yourself in a way that you’ll feel comfortable and won’t strain your mental health.

    Also, don’t forget to give yourself incentives for finishing a daily or weekly workout goal since this can also motivate you to stick to your active routine during the quarantine.

Are You Ready To Stay Fit During Lockdown?

Don’t be too hard on yourself during this lockdown. Embrace self-care by staying fit at your own pace. Remember, a simple 15-minute workout is still a lot compared to doing nothing at all.

If you’re ready to up your fitness game during the lockdown, start with these three tips. Create your daily workout routine and stick to it, choose to eat healthily and hydrate yourself regularly, and don’t forget that recovery is also critical in keeping yourself healthy so you better rest when needed.

Keep away from a sedentary lifestyle by motivating yourself to start moving now.






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3 Tips For Staying Fit During Lockdown

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