3 Yoga Poses to Get That Glow On

3 Yoga Poses to Get That Glow On
3 Yoga Poses to Get That Glow On

3 Yoga Poses to Get That Glow On :The immense benefits of yoga start on the mat. Yoga not only gives benefits to the mind and soul but also the physical body. Yoga leads to an increase in blood flow to the skin, provides it with oxygen and nutrients and gives that ‘glow’.

Skin Rejuvenating Ideas

Along with exercise and yoga, it is important to treat the skin from the outside. Use products that are mild on the skin but provide effective results. Invest in skin supplements and multivitamins that provide necessary nutrition to your body especially the skin. You may get your 90-day supply of medication that may help you achieve flawless skin from the inside. Consult a dermatologist for medicines with natural and organic extracts so you don’t face any side effects in the long term.

Practice Yoga for Flawless Skin

No matter, you practice yoga at home or in a studio. Yoga does not need any special equipment. Try these five poses to get that glowing complexion everyone will compliment you on.

  1. The Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

    This pose provides focus on rhythmic breathing and alleviates stress by improving oxygen flow. By doing the mountain pose, lymphatic drainage improves which reduces puffiness from the face and brightens the complexion.

    How to Do This Pose:

    • Stand with your toes touching and heels slightly apart
    • Press the soles of your feet into the floor, drawing them inward and upward
    • Stretch your tailbone towards the floor and suck in your belly
    • Keep your chin parallel to the mat and draw your shoulders back
    • Raise your hands into prayer position in front of your torso
    • Close your eyes and inhale, exhale for 5 breaths
  2. Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasan)

    This pose is also called inversion and it is one of the best exercises to increase oxygen supply to skin cells. This pose proves anti-ageing to people who practice it regularly.

    How To Do This Pose:

    • Stand in the Mountain Pose and rest your hands on your hips
    • Slowly exhale and bend forward from the hips
    • Bend your knees to relieve tension from lower back
    • Try to bring your palms to rest on the floor otherwise cross your arms in front of you
    • As you inhale, slightly lift and stretch your torso
    • Repeat for 5 breaths
  3. Simple Seated Twist (Parivrtta Sukhasana)

    If harmful toxins from your body are not flushed out, it gets deposited in the skin causing dull complexion and acne. Just 10-minutes of yoga daily will improve your digestion and bodily functions to a great extent. This pose helps the removal of toxins and increases digestion.

    How to Do This Pose:

    • Sit on the floor in a cross-legged position
    • Align your head, neck and spine
    • lengthen your tailbone towards the floor
    • Place your right-hand flat on the floor behind your back
    • Place your left hand in front of your right knee
    • As you exhale, twist yourself to the right gazing over your right shoulder
    • Repeat for 5 breaths, then switch sides






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3 Yoga Poses to Get That Glow On

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