4 Effective Exercises You Can Do In Your Pool At Home

4 Effective Exercises You Can Do In Your Pool At Home : Swimming is one of the few sports that work every muscle in your body. However, if you are looking to get stronger physically, you should incorporate some pool exercises in your routine and reap the benefits of working out in the water. Not sure where to start?

Continue reading the below to find 4 effective exercises that you can do in your pool at home.

Pool workouts improve balance and can boost your overall fitness levels. Healthcare professionals and physiotherapists recommend those who suffer from back and knee pains to workout in the water to avoid the risks of injuries that they can be subjected to on land. Also, patients with arthritis and other neurological diseases can benefit from exercising in the pool.

If you have any of the previous conditions or just want to change up your exercise regimen, this article is for you.

Walking in Water

While it might sound simple, water walking is a great exercise to increase your stamina and tone your body. The heaviness of the water will create enough resistance against your body to force you to exert some effort to move. The faster you go, the more effective this exercise will be. To make it even more advanced, you can use ankle weights to strengthen your legs without having to jump around and sweat bullets.


If you think land lunges are hard, you haven’t tried water lunges! Make sure the pool is shallow enough so you can comfortably do your lunges. Also, to avoid any injuries, make sure your pool tiles are free from any cracks. St. Louis based pool experts at https://liquidassetspools.com/ advise choosing concrete to build the foundation of your in-ground pool for its durability and easy maintenance. To do lunges in your smooth-tiled pool, take one step forward with your right leg and squat downwards with both legs at a 90-degree angle. Then, walk back and lunge with the other leg. You can do 3 sets of 10 counts on each leg.

Pool Planks

Using a pool noodle, you can manage to work out your core under the water. Go to the shallower side of the pool and hold the noodle still underwater with your arms stretched straight. Step on your toes and use your core strength to keep your body lifted in a straight line. Just like the usual land plank, you have to make sure that your upper and lower back stays on the same level. You can do 3 sets where you start with a 30-second hold, then add 15 seconds to each of the following rounds as you progress.

Leg Kicks

Underwater leg kicks will work your abs, leg muscles, and improve your balance. To do the leg kicks, you can start with your back to the pool wall for safety. Raise your right knee towards your chest at a 90-degree angle then straighten it with a kick forward. Lower your right leg down then do the same with your left leg. Like the lunges, try doing 3 sets of 10 counts for each leg.

Spending time in the pool can be both fun and beneficial. Make sure you consult your physician before attempting any new exercises. With the above exercises, you don’t have to worry about commuting to a gym. Your kids will also appreciate you spending more time with them during their summer vacation.






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4 Effective Exercises You Can Do In Your Pool At Home

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