4 Major Differences Between Cannabis and CBD Products

There are differences between cannabis and CBD approved products. Concentrated CBD extracts offer exclusive benefits without any of the cannabis downsides. By isolating intended effects, CBD products avoid the negative penalties cannabis may have on your body. It is the perfect interaction that gives users more options when dealing with a new compound.

  1. Legality

    Laws for cannabis worldwide have been changing rapidly. Unfortunately, a lot of the changes are not in layman’s terms. This leads to a lot of misunderstandings about the legality of cannabis. Both cannabis and CBD products are considered controlled substances – in some states. And in (some) countries, you can’t even travel with cannabis or CBD products.

    It really is the wild west out there when it comes to understanding the legality of cannabis. But the major difference here is that CBD products are more likely to be allowed in places where cannabis use is relaxed. This has a lot to do with CBD not having the euphoric effects of full-strength cannabis. The lack of the ‘getting high’ side effect puts it closer in the medical drug category. Users should never try to guess what the law is in their particular situation. If you have a need for CBD products, look specifically for their individual use in your current state or country.

  2. Psychoactive Components

    This is probably the biggest difference between CBD products and cannabis. The stereotypical high personality doesn’t apply when using CBD products. For users with diagnosed mental issues, cannabis can make a big difference to their personality. Anything with psychoactive components heightens the stress levels of the person taking it. There are unintended side effects to using cannabis, especially when it is mixed with medicines that are considered strong antidepressants. The combination of these can be uncomfortable, and in extreme cases deadly. CBD avoids the mental stimulation provided by the strong chemical makeup of cannabis. CBD is now available in many forms. To know more have a peek at this guys.

  3. They Are Sold In Different Ways

    Non-smokers can enjoy the benefits of CBD in the form of gummies, supplements, oils, gels and more. You don’t need to smoke to enjoy the medical benefits provided by CBD. When the extraction and mixtures are done right, CBD products are some of the tastiest treats you’ll ever eat. It’s all about finding the right implementation for CBD and putting it in the best position to interact with the body.

  4. You Can Function With CBD

    Good pain medicine hits you so hard that the dosage tells you to not operate heavy machinery. In short, they are politely telling you to lay down for a few hours while the medicine works its magic. Considering the miracles pain medicine is doing for your body, relaxing while it works is a small sacrifice. Cannabis works similarly and will impair your judgement for a short period of time. It works, but with the drawback of taking a break from your life. CBD products provide the benefit of relief without interrupting your day. This is a big deal, and makes it useful during personal and professional situations.


When people hear the word cannabis, they may get the wrong idea about how it is used. And when they hear about CBD products, it adds another layer of confusion. Your body’s endocannabinoid system is affected by both, but only one has long lasting positive effects. Learn more about CBD products to enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.






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4 Major Differences Between Cannabis and CBD Products

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