The Best Topical Supplements and Soothing Ingredients

The Best Topical Supplements and Soothing Ingredients : When you think about supplements, you probably mostly think about internal supplements. These are the supplements you take by mouth. These supplements can definitely be beneficial, but if you’re only considering internal supplements, you’re missing out on a huge variety of supplement options.

In fact, topical supplements can also be a monumentally helpful option. Whether you’re looking for better health or just skin soothing, here are some of the best supplements and ingredients to look for.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well-known as one of the most prominent ingredients for soothing irritated skin. The water-dense leaves store plenty of moisture, and you can use aloe vera to keep your skin clear and hydrated. Plus, if you’re dealing with irritated skin caused by dryness, aloe vera can help you remoisturize your skin and avoid the irritation. It’s a great ingredient to use on its own or with other ingredients.

Vitamin C

There’s a reason you see vitamin C so often on skincare labels. This vitamin is of course essential for internal use, but it’s also useful when you apply it externally. This is mostly useful for beauty-focused skincare, as vitamin C may be able to help with wrinkles and skin blemishes. Just find a skincare product that includes vitamin C to take advantage of it.

Vitamin E

Because vitamin E is fat-soluble, it easily absorbs into the skin, making it perfect for topical creams and balms. Vitamin E is very thick, and it can be hard to spread on the skin by itself, but if you utilize a lotion or cream with vitamin E, it’s incredible at moisturizing the skin. Consider using it on extremely dry areas of skin like the cuticles and elbows.

Shea Butter

Are you trying to soften your skin? Shea butter might be the right ingredient for you. Because shea butter contains rich oils from tree nuts, that oil can soak into your skin, sealing in moisture and helping you avoid dryness in the future. It may also be able to help with redness in your skin and even help promote collagen production.


This compound, largely harvested from various types of mint, is well-known for its distinctive peppermint-like smell. If you’re using a cream or gel with menthol, you may benefit from a mild numbing effect, as well as a cooling effect that can seriously help irritated and dry skin. This is especially true if you have irritated skin that’s extremely itchy or painful because of the irritation.


Topical applications of arnica can be very helpful for some people having issues with pain and stiffness, especially in the hands and knees. Many people also use topical arnica to handle soreness and irritation after exercising, especially when the exercise would usually result in post-workout pain.

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What’s the Best Way to Add Topical Supplements to My Routine?

A great option for topical supplements is utilizing lotion, gel, or balm that includes a variety of topical supplements. When you use one of these options, you’ll get a variety of ingredients delivered to your skin, and you may even see multiple different types of benefits because of the different ingredients.

People looking for topical supplements may want to look into CBD cooling gel from Charlotte’s Web. This cooling gel incorporates menthol, arnica, and CBD, so you can soothe your skin more easily. Whether you’ve just gone for a long hike or you exercised a little too much at the gym today, CBD cooling gel can help you acclimate your skin more easily.








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The Best Topical Supplements and Soothing Ingredients

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