Benefits of Vitamin E

Benefits of Vitamin E
Benefits of Vitamin E

I’m sure you have heard much about vitamin E and its healthy properties. It is really a powerful antioxidant and its positive effects on people’s health cannot be doubted. It’s a proved fact that vitamin E is widely used in medicine and is also a popular additive to various kinds of cosmetics. Take any skincare product you have on your shelf and you will find it in the list of ingredients. So let’s take a closer look on the benefits of vitamin E.

1. Skin

Apart from being an ingredient of many skincare products Vitamin E may be used in its pure synthetic state to moisturize your skin. I tried it in the under-eye area and also on my lips. The effect didn’t make me wait long. It may also be applied as cuticle oil. The general effect it has on the skin is moisturizing, improving texture and even wrinkles reducing.

2. UV protection

The most hazardous thing about being in the sun for a long time is the UV rays which negatively affect our skin and may become the reason for skin cancer. Vitamin E may serve as a great and effective UV protector. You shouldn’t completely substitute your sunscreen by it though. Anyway moisturize your skin with the vitamin E oil before going out into the midday sun. At the same time you may protect your organism from the inside by consuming vitamin E rich products and supplements.

3. Hair

Vitamin E has become the most frequent ingredient added to shampoos, hair balms and masks. And no wonder why. The main its function is moisturizing. It nourishes damaged hair and dry skin of your head as well as hair follicles. Many stores offer various hair treatments mainly based on the miraculous properties of vitamin E. I’ve heard that vitamin E oil is a very popular hair treatment.

4. Brain

Modern scientists have recently come to a conclusion that vitamin E in all its forms plays a great role in brain health. It reduces the risk of dementia and mind cognitive impairment. But don’t rush to take the vitamin oil as an energy shot to become a new Einstein. You may be surprised but you may get overdosed with vitamins. So you’d better consult the doctor first and keep to the right dosage.

5. Heart

The researches have shown that consuming enough of vitamin E reduces the risk of heart attack and also reduces the risk of getting cardiovascular disease in general. In order to make your heart and vessels stronger and healthier you should get enough of vitamin E daily. The easiest way to accomplish this task is by taking supplements. But the best way to get all the necessary nutrients is to keep a healthy diet and eat product rich in vitamin E such as sunflower seeds, almonds and peanuts, and greens.

6. Blood cells

I think the most important effect vitamin E has on our bodies is its influence on blood. How does it work? This antioxidant helps your body produce new red blood cells and makes this process run smoothly. As you might know the main function of red cells is to deliver oxygen all over your body. As your tissues get enough oxygen they perform their function better and your overall health state gets better. Moreover, this prevents blood clots and also stimulates the blood vessels being in tonus.

7. Allergic asthma prevention

Did you know that the number of people with asthma all around the world is growing every year? It is the most common chronic disease among children. So the fact that vitamin E is helpful is a great news. The types of this antioxidant are α-tocopherol which is protective against allergic lung inflammation, and γ-tocopherol which is not. Moreover, the scientists claim that α-tocopherol is the most biologically active form and body requires a certain amount of vitamin C to recycle it. In order to receive the desired effect you must consult the specialist first and not start self-treatment.

Probably there are even more healthy characteristics of this vitamin apart from the enumerated ones. I’m sure that now you want to reconsider your diet or to rush to the nearest drugstore. I kindly ask you to keep moderate with the synthetic oil and consult your doctor in order not to have side effects or get allergic. Do you already use it? What positive effects have you noticed?


Benefits of Vitamin E