4 Things Personal Trainers Always Tell the Beginners

4 Things Personal Trainers Always Tell the Beginners
4 Things Personal Trainers Always Tell the Beginners

4 Things Personal Trainers Always Tell the Beginners : Hiring a personal trainer is super expensive. All well-qualified and experienced personal trainers charge $35 to $100 per hour. Therefore, for a middle-class health and fitness enthusiast, it’s quite hard to get professional help. They prefer going on the fitness journey alone instead.

Stepping into the fitness journey and accepting the change for the first few months is hard. However, when your body accepts this healthy change, achieving your fitness goals without a personal trainer begins to appear possible.

If you are planning to start your journey and it seems overwhelming, here are the 4 things personal trainers always tell the beginners;

  • Go slow
  • You have to be consistent
  • Stay active
  • You will have setbacks

Go slow

Everything in this world takes time to reach a certain point. Therefore, for you to reach your goals a year or at least 6 months of constant effort would be required. Bringing drastic changes in your diet and lifestyle would not speed up the process, you have to begin and continue making small changes. Set goals, when you are successful in achieving one goal you can move on to the next. In short, you have to go slow otherwise you will get tired and might even quit.

You have to be consistent

Nothing comes easy to you. Hard Work and consistency are the keys to achieving great things. Bringing a healthier change and the fitness journey would not be easy at all, it would be a nerve-wracking task. However, you have to be consistent otherwise you will neither be able to adopt healthier habits nor achieve your fitness goals. weight loss coaches recommend consistent workouts.

Stay active

Since your body is not used to intense workouts, starting with intense workouts would not be a fine idea. You should start eating healthy and staying active. Take a 10 to 15 minutes walk every day if you have never exercised or walked to get fit in your life. However, if you already have a habit of staying active, you can begin by exercising 30 to 50 minutes a week. Take a break from exercising on weekends but not from staying active.

You will have setbacks

The fitness journey would not be smooth, it is hard for everyone. Whether you have a personal trainer by your side or not, it will be rough. On some days you will be motivated and on some days you will not have the energy to leave the bed. It’s pretty normal to have setbacks in the beginning and it’s okay. Do not take these setbacks as a failure, take them as “setbacks”. So after a setback when you begin feeling better, continue moving towards your goal.

Other than that, the personal trainers advise the newbies to maintain a journal of their progress, not compare their journey with someone else’s journey and measure the progress in kgs and inches.


If you planning to start your fitness journey and can not afford to pay $35 to $100 an hour to a personal trainer, go slow, you have to be consistent, stay active, and do not take setbacks as a failure.



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4 Things Personal Trainers Always Tell the Beginners

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