5 Fantastic Activities and Events at Keystone, Colorado

5 Fantastic Activities and Events at Keystone, Colorado:¬†Nestled in Arapaho National Forest, a leisurely and scenic drive away from Denver, Keystone offers year-round outdoor fun for all ages. Here’s just a few of the fantastic activities and events at Keystone, Colorado.

1. Skiing.

Keystone is most well known for its elaborate ski mountain and bowl trails and its night skiing. While you’re there, take advantage of this memorable experience, a chance to see the Rockies by the dying light of the setting sun. Ski slopes in Keystone range in difficulty from beginner to expert.

The 3 mile, family friendly Schoolmarm trail includes safe activities like Tornado Alley and Rockin’ Rollers. On the other side of the spectrum, expert skiers should head over to Wapiti Peak, and the Outback for some high-elevation runs away from the crowds. Make sure to reserve lift tickets at least 7 days in advance of your trip if possible.


2. Ice-skating.

Lakes in and around Keystone freeze up in the winter and give guests the unique experience of skating amidst the mountains and the village buildings. Keystone Lake offers the nation’s largest zambonied skating surface. Whether you’re looking for a break from the slopes or for yet another reason to visit this resort town, don’t miss the chance to strap on a pair of skates and see for yourself, to glide across the ice beneath the Colorado sky.


3. Scenic Trips.

Whether you are looking to get from lodgings to ski slopes or simply to see the sights, Keystone offers some gorgeous views. Take your time, and don’t rush. Go for a hike on one of Keystone’s many trails. Drive slow. For example, Loveland Pass is one of those places you might drive past and never notice, on U.S. 6 off I-70. Why not stop and take a picture while you’re here? Even if it’s only for a moment.


4. Biking.

Especially if you’re thinking about visiting Keystone in the summer months, consider bringing or renting a bike. Keystone’s bike parks offer scenic rides and lifts to high-altitude areas, with trails available at all levels of difficulty. Leave the car aside for a day and see the world on a new set of wheels.


5. Horseback riding.

Another fun summer activity for the whole family, why not get rid of the wheels altogether? Keystone Stables offers a variety of horse trails and rentals, depending on difficulty desired and what you want to see while you’re here. See Keystone from yet another angle, as the long-ago, western pioneers saw it. Take your time to learn how to ride or return to the saddle yet again.

Keystone, Colorado is a resort town, and that shows in the many entertainment options. What we’ve offered is a teaser, not a complete list. Plan ahead, take your time, savor the moments, have fun, and prepare to be surprised.



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5 Fantastic Activities and Events at Keystone, Colorado

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5 Fantastic Activities and Events at Keystone, Colorado