5 Myths Surrounding Alcoholism Debunked!

5 Myths Surrounding Alcoholism Debunked! Nothing can be more frustrating than watching a loved one struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. It becomes even more overwhelming due to the misconceptions surrounding alcoholism. The worst thing is that alcoholics may use these myths to deny or hide their problems related to substance abuse.

Thus, it is crucial to steer clear of the common myths surrounding alcohol abuse so you can help an individual on time. Let’s get started!

Those Who Drink Regularly Are Alcoholic

A lot of people go through a period of heavy drinking in their life. For example, college students often binge drink with friends. While it paves their way to addiction, it not necessarily means that they have become addicts.

In many cases, they settle down to safe drinking levels once they take some responsibilities after leaving college. Or, they may even give up on drinking completely without any difficulty.

However, the individuals who have become addicts develop a physical dependence on alcohol. When they try to quit alcoholism, they struggle with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In such situations, medical attention from professional alcohol rehabs like Louisville rehab center is recommended.

Only Addicts Can Overindulge With Alcohol

It is a prevalent myth that only alcoholics need to worry about alcohol overindulgence. However, it isn’t true! Anyone who consumes more than the recommended levels of alcohol puts his/her health at risk.

While two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women or senior citizens is considered safe, those who have ever struggled to control the alcohol intake should not drink at any cost.

There Is Only One Way To Live Alcohol-Free

Well, there are many ways that can help an individual to live an alcohol-free life. Some people do better with group counseling, while others prefer to go it alone. Many addicts look for the best drug rehabs near me on their own to seek professional assistance.

Or, sometimes the symptoms are so severe that the family or friends have to search for medical detox near me and encourage their loved one to receive treatment.

Thus, there is no one right way for how a person should achieve sobriety. Moreover, forcing an individual to take a path he/she doesn’t want to, can worsen the situation and affect their recovery.

Once You Achieve Sobriety, Your Problems Are Over

Remember, alcohol recovery is a process and not an event. Newly sober individuals may even experience a relapse. Thus, thinking that once a person quits alcohol consumption would never struggle with relapse is only a disillusion. Such unrealistic expectations may keep the person from receiving the treatment.

Giving up alcohol or drugs is the first step to a long journey to getting sober. Furthermore, the goal of receiving inpatient treatment from a renowned facility, like alcohol rehab Kentucky should be to develop skills to cope with alcohol abuse. This way, the alcoholics or drug addicts won’t have the need to think about escaping from reality.

Alcohol Addicts Have Blackouts

One distressing symptom of alcohol is blackout when individuals have no idea about what they have been doing. You might have heard stories about people who committed suicide or murdered someone amidst blackout and don’t remember it. However, not every alcoholic experiences blackout.

The reason? Their drinking pattern is to remain slightly intoxicated. Though they drink all the time, they don’t get drunk to such an extent that it affects their memory. Aside from this, there are people who have blackouts but don’t remember the missing time. This is when people remind them of their behavior when they find that they had a blackout.


While there are many myths surrounding alcoholism, the ones mentioned above are the most common. Steer clear of these myths, and help your loved live a healthy, alcohol-free life. If anyone in your circle is struggling with alcoholism, talk to them, and encourage them to go for an alcohol rehab program before it’s too late.







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