5 Proven Ways to Make Your Abs Pop This Summer

5 Proven Ways to Make Your Abs Pop This Summer
5 Proven Ways to Make Your Abs Pop This Summer

5 Proven Ways to Make Your Abs Pop This Summer : Are you ready to get back in the game this summer? If one thing is for sure, this summer is going to be huge as people flock back to the beach to get their groove on. Do you want to look good this summer? The kind of good that turns heads and makes you feel like a boss. Of course you do, who wouldn’t?

Are your abs currently tucked away in hibernation? Don’t feel bad if you answered yes because you’re not alone. Most people have abs, you just can’t see them because they’re hiding behind one or more layers of winter cushioning.

Have you ever noticed that you can’t help but look at someone’s six-pack? The amazing thing about abs is that they’re all you need to make people think you’re in amazing shape. That’s how important abs are to a person’s physique.

In this article, you’ll pick up some helpful tips to help you get your abs popping before summer. Whether you want to get that chiseled appearance or a toned tummy, these are the tips for you.

  1. Cut Out the Midnight Snacks

    Snacking on sugary treats before bed is the most counterproductive move for a person on a six-pack abs journey. Once you get your calories for the day, it’s time to stop taking in more before bed. Remember, you are on a journey to get toned, not bulk up.One of the easiest ways to curb midnight hunger is with the help of a good nighttime fat burner. These supplements work to help eliminate your late-night food cravings and burn more calories while you sleep. In the end, it’s a win-win since you not only cut out the snacks but burn more calories simultaneously.

  2. Start a Consistent Routine

    Just five minutes a day of consistent ab training will get your abs closer to six-pack glory. The keyword here is “consistency.” Abs love to get a good workout every day, and you’ll notice that you abs become harder as you begin working them every day.

    The beauty of ab work is how easy it is to do virtually anywhere. In fact, you can do ab work right on the edge of your bed by hanging your legs off the edge and doing some punishing double crunch work. To do this, lift your legs and knees toward you while doing a standard crunch.

    The added resistance you get by dangling your legs off the edge of the bed makes for a more productive workout than a standard double crunch while lying flat.

    The video below shows the dramatic difference one woman made after training her abs every day for six months:

  3. Quality Over Quantity

    There’s almost nothing more important than the mind-muscle connection in bodybuilding. Chances are, you’re doing your sit-ups or crunches too quickly to hit a certain number of reps for the day. Are you noticing that this workout style isn’t really getting you anywhere?

    That’s because the quality of each rep is more important than the quantity. To make this work, focus as best you can on contracting your abs and squeezing them while you do the exercise.

    Soon, you’ll strengthen your mind-muscle connection and realize that it’s possible to punish your abs with slow, super-focused reps.

  4. Progressive Overload

    Abs love to be challenged or they won’t grow or get that chiseled appearance. For this reason, you don’t want to do the exact same sit-up routine every day. Eventually, your abs will get accustomed to the same routine, which halts growth. The same holds true for every muscle.

    There are two primary ways to mix it up, and those are to try difference exercises or gradually add weight to your favorite ab exercises aka progressive overload. You must get into the mindset to challenge your abs as they grow.

    Another effective way to build your abs is with a good ab machine. With an ab machine, you can easily track your progress at home while adding weight and/or reps. Plus, when you find one you like, you’re more likely to use it every day in the comfort of your own home.

  5. Intermittent Fasting

    It doesn’t matter how hard you work your abs or build them, if there’s some cushioning above them, they’ll never pop through. For this reason, you must practice a method to burn fat. One of the most proven methods for healthy weight loss is intermittent fasting.

    Even the esteemed Johns Hopkins Medicine has posted positive results from intermittent fasting research. One of the greatest advantages of intermittent fasting is that it allows you to burn fat without sacrificing muscle mass, and what could be better for getting toned abs?

    To do an intermittent fasting routine, you’ll only eat during certain hours of the day. For example, 18 hours off and 6 hours on is a popular regimen. This means that for 18 hours of the day, you’re in the fasting state. While fasting, you’re only allowed to drink water or zero-calorie beverages such as tea and black coffee.

    Green tea and black coffee are both great since they help to reduce hunger while in the fasting state. During the 6 hours of the day you may eat, this is when you get all of your daily nutrient requirements. While this may seem very intimidating at first, once you begin seeing results, you’ll more than likely fall in love with IM.


Building toned abs is something everyone should strive for at least once in their life because it enhances the overall quality of life on many levels. It’s not just about building abs, it’s about learning self-discipline and making healthier choices.

When someone doesn’t cheat their way to six-pack abs, you know that person is health conscious, motivated, and careful about what goes into their body. Anyone with those qualities is an attractive person. So with these tips, it’s time to start carving out your best bod before summer rolls around!







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5 Proven Ways to Make Your Abs Pop This Summer

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