5 Signs of Unhealthy Love

5 Signs of Unhealthy Love : Love has its own colors. Sometimes it shines golden as high as it feels and sometimes you feel blues with down in love. You can feel secure or insecure depending on the ways you are bonded with your partner. In today’s materialistic world not each love is bound have a happy ending and this thought always ferries our mind to lose our partners. Your love can flourish and can achieve a successful relationship but sometimes successful relationships also fail.

Before failing every relationship, shows signs of unhealthy love between the partners. Let’s see what those signs of unhealthy love are.

  1. Feeling Consumed In A Relationship

    Every relationship starts with a stretch of emotional feeling that is called love. Initially manifestation of love brings someone closer to other starting adjustment of the attitudes and other factors. If this eruption has no materialistic interest in any stage even from beginning, it may go on but if any person is there with some intention to achieve something out of other in the starting or develops that bad intention after coming closer, the relationship may come to end or considered to have been consumed even abruptly if that intention is accomplished. Such deception creates hate forever.

  2. Being Afraid To Commit For Long Term

    It is true that every relationship seeks some time to mature. During that time, the patience and endurance of the persons involved get examined through incidents and exchange of views. In case it appears that one part does not care for the other during crises of any type,  or is not going ahead to make commitments for long term, that starts to show lack of confidence on the other and make insecure. The relationship can break down anytime.

  3. Looking For Other For Self Worth

    No healthy relationship can be ensured with some liability on one part only.  It must be founded on reciprocal responses always. If one person becomes self-centric and intends to use the other for enhancing self-worth or getting it over-valued and ignores other’s worth in the process, the relationship becomes terrible for the affected person to carry on endlessly and can be pierced away at any first opportunity.

  4. Very Few Truly Intimate Experiences

    Relationship needs continued exchange of communication. That makes the difference if someone does not text to you very frequently or replies back your calls as and when you need. Whatsoever be the busyness. The thing is, if your lover cares about you, the signs will be more obvious than the occasional texts you’re receiving. That person shouldn’t leave you guessing about the serious about you. Exchanges of communication must take place frequently and if there is some delay, that must be intimated timely. It can soothe the matter even if you had very few intimate experiences when your lover is physically present closer to you. ReGain can help you solve common intimacy issues and how you can deal with them.

  5. Excessive Fear To Lose Partner

    Whenever we do have some relationship, the bilateral fidelity is one of the basic canon to bank upon. We must care for other’s feelings and mental/physical requirements as well. In case we find that some other one is coming closer, we need to make introspection if we had failed to avoid the insecurity by ignoring the basic requirements. Sometime lack of confidence on our own can create fear in our mind excessively and start to worry why our lover is becoming lesser attentive or does not care for me as earlier.







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5 Signs of Unhealthy Love

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