5 Things to Know About the Davinci MIQRO

If you ask most people what DaVinci MIQRO is, majority of them may not have an idea of what you are talking about unless they see its image on the internet. In a nutshell, it’s a device that you use when you want to vape some herbs or e-liquid. This is the liquid that contains nicotine.

From a distance, the device can be easily be mistaken with an external hard drive or something close to that. The reason why the device has become popular is because it doesn’t emit any smoke. Besides that, it leaves the nutrients of whatever you are vaping intact. The vaporizer works by heating the herbs, wax or the liquid that’s in the chamber to generate vapor. Once the vapor starts rising in the air, you can then inhale it. Continue reading below to know more about this amazing device.

  1. Uses Rechargeable Battery

DaVinci vaporizer has to be connected to a source of power to function. However, this doesn’t you have to remain tethered close to a wall socket to be able to vape. In fact, the vaporizer has an in-built battery that has a long life. You can therefore carry it when travelling and vape at your own convenience. Since the battery can last for more than 6 hours, you can go for days without having to recharge it. There are also some models that feature external rechargeable batteries. This gives you the advantage of carrying several sets when leaving your home.

  1. Limited Time Warranty

Buying a vaporizer that doesn’t include a warranty is a huge mistake. This is because you will have to buy replacement parts in case the device malfunctions a few months or weeks after purchasing it. Since DaVinci is a reputable brand, they include a limited time warranty of 2 years in every package. This shows that the brand has your best interests at heart. If the device fails to function as per the specifications of the manufacturer, you can always return it to the dealer and get a replacement without being asked any questions.

  1. User Friendly

Unlike other vaporizers that are complicated, DaVinci is simple to use. You don’t even have to read the provided manual to know how to use it. You simply put whatever you want to vape in the heating chamber, set the heat and power on the device. The other advantage is that you don’t have to wait for long before the vapor starts rising. You can actually start inhaling within the next seconds.

  1. Highly Portable

The vaporizer comes in a sleek design that makes it easy to carry it without attracting unwanted attention. Regardless of that, you can still vape as much as you want. This is because the heating chamber of the device is designed to be adjustable. You can therefore expand or reduce it depending on the volume of the substance that you want to vape. Besides that, you can control the intensity of heating using the control buttons that are on the sides.

  1. Durable

DaVinci vaporizer is built to last. For a start, the heating chamber is made from ceramic. This guarantees that the chamber can’t be damaged by high temperature. The other advantage is that the ceramic construction helps in ensuring that the liquid, herb or wax remains free from contamination during the heating process. Moreover, the outer casing is made from high quality plastic material. But there are some others that feature a metallic casing. All in all, it helps in protecting the device from extreme situations such as accidental falls and bumping.







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5 Things to Know About the Davinci MIQRO

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