5 Things You Need To Know About Hymenoplasty Surgery

5 Things You Need To Know About Hymenoplasty Surgery
5 Things You Need To Know About Hymenoplasty Surgery

Are you thinking to undergo hymenoplasty surgery? But you don’t know what it is it and how it looks like? Well, you can get all the information related to hymenoplasty by going through this blog.

Before understanding various things on hymenoplasty surgery one should know what hymen is? And how does it determine your virginity?

The hymen is a thin membrane which is situated in the front of the vagina forming its entry. It is made of connective tissue that surrounds the opening to the vagina. Every girl has a different form and structure of hymen. It also comes in different shapes. Hymens are different in every girl because it differs in them depending upon each girl physiological peculiarities such as the location, width, and thickness of the hymen.

The hymen is a very thin layer and often breaks down due to small pressure applied on it, just like doing physical exercise, performing yoga, wearing tampons, and your first sexual intercourse can also cause the breakdown of your hymen, indicating that you have lost your virginity. Hymen layer, when it breaks down causes the little amount of bleeding which is an indicator that you have lost your hymen layer.

What are the functions of hymen?

According to several doctors and medical experts, the hymen is considered to function as a protective layer and protects the vagina from getting infected by various pathogens like virus and bacteria.

Hymen acts as a symbol of virginity.

What is Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Hymenoplasty is the surgery of hymen which is done for cosmetic purposes in order to restore the hymen and make it like previous.

Many surgeons help many women to restore their virginity by making some positive changes in the hymens.

Religious, moral and ethical considerations also pressurize women to go and opt for this hymenoplasty surgery.

The basic five things you should firstly know about the hymenoplasty surgery are explained as follows:

  1. How many types of hymenoplasty surgery are performed?

There are basically 3 types of hymenoplasty Surgery performed which are as follows.

    1. Short-term surgery: Short term surgery involves stitching the remains of the hymen layer, by using long and thin threads. The operation aims to reduce the entrance of the vagina and make it firm and tight.
    2. Three-layer hymenoplasty surgery: In this type of surgery, torn pieces of hymen were created into two or three layers. All these layers are sewn individually using catgut thread. The hymen layer becomes strong. A small hole is left to allow the passage of menstrual flow and other things. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia to keep the patient calm and make them feel less pain during the procedure. Also, no special rehabilitation is also required and all the necessary simple hygienic procedures for healing is prescribed after the procedure
    3. Long-term: the procedure involves restoring the vestibule of the vagina on the whole by performing the surgery on the original plaque of the mucous membrane of the vagina. The restored hymen can last up to three years after the surgery. However, during sexual intercourse, a convincing amount of blood is released naturally through the hymen.


  1. Are you really ready for the Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Hymenoplasty is usually recommended for the females who have suffered from-

    1. Sports injuries,
    2. Suffered sexual violence,
    3. Individual anatomical features,
    4. The improper insertion of tampons and
    5. Unwanted sexual experience.

During the procedure, the doctor performs a visual examination first and writes out the directions for the tests which needs to be performed, such as general and biochemical blood tests, syphilis, gynecological smear for the purity of flora, general analysis of urine, blood tests for hepatitis B and C, HIV, a blood test for clotting etc. In many cases, females also need to undergo an electrocardiogram as well. A week before surgery, it is also recommended for the women to reduce the intake of salt and fully eliminate alcohol consumption. So, an individual should be ready to undergo all these medical activities before opting for the surgery.

  1. Are you familiar with The Negative Consequences of Hymenoplasty?

The Hymenoplasty Surgery can have several undesirable side effects that can include

    1. Discomfort while walking,
    2. Bruises and swelling in the vaginal area,
    3. Bleeding that lasts for several days,
    4. Loss of sensitivity in the perineum area,
    5. Severe swelling of the labia and vagina,
    6. Pulsating pains in many places,
    7. Enhanced body temperature and
    8. Vaginal discharge with a disagreeable odor.


  1. An individual should know whether she is fit or unfit for undergoing a Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Before a female thinks about undergoing restoration of their hymen in order to regain their virginity through this operation, should remain prepared for a number of contraindications as well. The Hymenoplasty Surgery is not recommended for the females who are suffering from diabetes, endometriosis, infectious diseases, and poor clotting of blood, venereal diseases, presence of a cancerous tumor and have a pregnancy.

  1. An individual should also be ready to exercise strong precaution that may be needed for Healing after the surgery.

Although a very short-term operation doesn’t even require an extended rehabilitation period.  But the recovery period for the long-term Hymenoplasty surgery can last for many days. During this time period, the patient can feel some pulling pains which are an indication of quick healing, the patient should need to exercise strong precautions such as-

    1. Physical activity and sudden movements should be strictly avoided,
    2. Sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited during the healing time period
    3. Prohibit bathing in swimming pools and open water area,
    4. Strongly Adhere to a diet which is recommended by the doctor. And an individual can consume only light and liquid foods as far as possible.
    5. You can take a shower instead of bathing.






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5 Things You Need To Know About Hymenoplasty Surgery