How To Combat Female Pattern Baldness

How To Combat Female Pattern Baldness

How To Combat Female Pattern Baldness : Losing your hair is challenging, particularly if you don’t know the reason why you are losing your hair. However, female pattern baldness can be one of the worst types to spot as it can either be because of genetics, an illness or increased stress. In this article, we are going to look at how to combat female pattern baldness as well as address some causes of hair related problems.

What Are The Causes of Female Pattern Baldness?


One of the biggest causes of female pattern baldness is genetics that can stem from either parent. Though this is not present in early life, the signs often begin to show themselves after menopause or sometime earlier depending on the person’s hair type and lifestyle. Although this cannot be resolved with a few simple lifestyle changes, a Longevita hair transplant could be the perfect alternative. Not only will this allow hairline to be taken from the thicker patched of the hair and placed in the bald patches, but it also looks more natural, restoring your hair to the way it once was with a painless procedure.


Another cause of female pattern baldness is medication. This can be down to the oil that the woman is on or even some of the supplements that she is taking all of which can lead to hair loss. Though this can not always be resolved so simply, it may be worth talking to your GP as they may have another alternative medication that will fulfil the same purpose without the effect that it is having on your hair.

Increased Stress

One of the final major causes of female pattern baldness is an increase in stress. With a busy lifestyle of long hours in the office, it isn’t always possible to reduce the stress that you are experiencing. However, by taking an evening to look after yourself and relax, you will then be able to reduce the effects that this could be having on your hair. Although it will take time to get into the habit of self-care, you will feel much better for it. Whether this is going out on a walk in the evening to collect your thoughts, or spending time away from your phone with your friends and family, all of these can help to reduce your stress levels and lessen the signs of hair loss.

Can It Be Resolved?

Yes, this can be resolved either through the use of medication or a lifestyle change. However, it is important to remember that this will not have the same effect for everyone, and another form of treatment may be needed such as a hair transplant or tablets such as Minoxidil. These can be prescribed by your GP and are to be taken as directed to achieve the results you require in a matter of months.

So whether you are looking into treatment such as a hair transplant to combat this problem or you are looking to visit your GP for a prescription of a hair loss tablet, there are a number of solutions on the market to help you have healthy hair in no time. Where will you start?






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How To Combat Female Pattern Baldness