5 Tips to Sustain Vaginal Health

5 Tips to Sustain Vaginal Health : Gone are the days when openly talking about sexual anatomy is considered a taboo. Over time, the feminist movement and attention towards female sexuality has shed light on the importance of maintaining vaginal health. There are so many misconceptions regarding the structure and maintenance of the pelvic floor muscles, and the vagina as a whole.

Misinformation on the female anatomy can lead to many health problems. After getting in touch with seasoned sex-educators, doctors, and pelvic physical therapists, we listed the most vital tips to take care of your vagina. These practices will not only preserve the physical structure but also sustain vaginal health and sexual wellbeing.

Stop Douching

You might think that the internal structure of the vagina requires deep cleaning, but that’s not the case. Vaginas are complex organs that have a built-in sanitary system. This allows it to self-clean, without the addition of external fluids. The internal regulatory system also makes sure that the bacteria and pH levels stay healthy, to avoid unwanted infections, therefore douching is not required.

On the contrary, douching can be harmful to the vagina. Exposing the internal structure with a water stream can eliminate healthy bacteria. This causes the pH levels to be disrupted, making you more vulnerable to infections. If you still want to smell vibrant and fresh, we suggest you use non-scented products to wash your labia.

Sex Shouldn’t Hurt

If you are having painful intercourse, it can happen for a variety of reasons, such as overactive pelvic floor muscles (the muscles inside your vagina will not relax), painful trigger points in the pelvic floor muscles that hurt when they are touched, vaginal dryness, or other issues.  It’s a good idea to get evaluated by a professional, if simple steps like introducing extra lubrication don’t help. Physical problems that make sex unenjoyable can easily spill over into emotional problems and strain relationships.

If an extra lubricant doesn’t work, experts recommend dilator therapy to help introduce penetration at your own speed and comfort level.  There are many resources available on how to find the right dilator and how to use it, to help your body become accustomed to sex slowly and without pain. You can use vaginal dilators and dilator therapy to preserve and restore the width, depth, and elasticity of vaginal tissue. The use of dilators can not only help you enjoy sex again, but also help you preemptively stop pelvic pain disorders before they start again.

Keep Some Pubic Hair

While trimming and grooming are important, do not shave off pubic hair completely. Every element that our body grows has a natural purpose and pubic hair is no different. All of us know the frustrating itch that plagues our bodies after shaving it off, but pubic hair shields your vagina from harmful bacteria and also prevents issues related to cloth friction and profuse sweating.

Be Wary of Your Lube Ingredients

Lubrication is very handy. It helps make sex more enjoyable and ensures excess friction doesn’t make sex painful, but at the same time, some of the traditional lube ingredients can pose significant risks to vaginal health. One example is non-natural oil. Undoubtedly, they give lubes their characteristic moistness, but also may contribute to the growth of unsanitary bacteria in the vagina. Similarly, petroleum-based lubes are also unhealthy because they can alter natural pH levels.

Some other ingredients that you should steer clear from include: parabens, scents, dyes, and non-natural oils.  Stick to water-based lubricants.

Prevention Is Always Better

Vaginal health can deteriorate quickly if unsanitary practices are adopted. While most women go to great lengths to maintain vaginal health, misinformation can lead to unintended consequences. With these tips, you can enjoy sustained vaginal health that promotes both physical and mental wellbeing, hygiene, and pain free sex with your partner.







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5 Tips to Sustain Vaginal Health

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