Is Breast Revision Surgery Right for Me?

Is Breast Revision Surgery Right for Me?

Is Breast Revision Surgery Right for Me? Following a breast augmentation procedure, a patient might begin to notice any number of issues with their implants. Even though breast augmentations typically produce excellent results, a variety of problems can occur. If you are no longer happy with your implants or experiencing any post-op complications, then you might want to consider breast revision surgery or breast reduction surgery.

During that operation, your implants will be replaced or removed entirely, and it could greatly improve your confidence as well as your overall comfort.

When Is Breast Revision Surgery Needed?

Most patients who have a breast augmentation procedure carried out are fully satisfied with the results, but it is important to realize that this operation can lead to some unwanted side effects. One of the most common reasons why a revision procedure is carried out is because the patient is unhappy with the size or position of the implants. Even if the implants were originally in the correct position, they can shift around over time.

Capsular contracture is another problem that some patients struggle with after getting implants. When an implant is placed within the breast, the body is going to create scar tissue around it. While the scar tissue usually forms a thin protective layer, it can squeeze the implant itself. That complication is known as capsular contracture, and it can cause tenderness, stiffness, and ongoing pain. Breast implant removal surgery is the most effective way to treat this problem.

Finally, some patients have this procedure carried out because the implant itself has failed. Modern implants are incredibly durable, but they can rupture over time. With a saline implant, the size and shape of the breast will immediately change if they shell ruptures. A ruptured silicone implant might not be recognized for quite some time, but the patient will usually begin to notice that their breast seems to be shrinking or sagging.

Signs It Might Be Time to Consider Breast Implant Removal Surgery

If you are no longer happy with the appearance of your breasts, then you might want to speak with a surgeon who can teach you more about breast revision surgery. In some cases, the surgeon might be able to simply adjust the size of the implants or their position to create a more balanced and eye-catching appearance. Some patients benefit from switching over to newer implants that are firmer or a different size

Patients should also consider this procedure if their implants are causing them pain or discomfort. Once a patient has recovered from a breast augmentation operation, the implants shouldn’t cause any pain at all. A patient who is struggling with capsular contraction might notice that their breasts are constantly sore or swollen. Capsular contracture can also make it difficult for an individual to lift their arms above their head.

What to Expect

This procedure is highly personalized, and that is why it is so important to work with an experienced surgeon who is going to provide you with a personalized treatment plan. The steps that your surgeon will take depends on many different factors. That includes what type of implants you have, how old your implants are, and if you are struggling with any post-op complications. Breast revision surgery usually only takes a few hours to complete, and patients can generally go home the same day. As long as you are relatively healthy and follow all of the aftercare instructions, you should be able to fully recover within a few weeks. During your follow-up appointment, the surgeon will be able to clear you for physical activities or give you further instructions.







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Is Breast Revision Surgery Right for Me?

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