5 Ways To Deal With Hair After Working Out In Your 40s

5 Ways To Deal With Hair After Working Out In Your 40s : Working out, going to the gym and getting you sweat on is a truly invigorating – if you know, you know. But how frustrating is it when all of that hard work and sweat makes way for a pimple, causes your hair to grow a mind of its own or results in calluses and rough skin on your hands and feet?

Let’s focus on what we can do for our hair, as this is especially important for aging hair that may be brittle and more susceptible to damage. Here are our top five tips for dealing with hair post-workout.

  1. Let your hair down

    As a runner, I am far too used to hair dressers cringing when I go to get my hair cut, as it’s constantly in a ponytail or bun, which causes incredible amounts of breakage and creasing to hair strands. Some of the best advice I’ve been given in regards to this is to try exercising with hair braided or in a twisted bun, wait to put your hair up until you start your workout and take it down ASAP when finished working out, or in my case running. Additionally, try using Invisibobbles or other less abrasive hair ties, and keep it loose.

  2. Avoid washing

    Believe it or not, sweat doesn’t actually cause any damage to your hair, and leaving it there is like using a salt spray, so there’s no real need to wash it out, especially since the salts, mixed with oil-removing components of shampoo can leave your hair dry and frizzy.

    However, sweat can have a not-so-nice odor that tags along, and that you will want to do away with.  For that, consider either rinsing your hair with just water, or applying dry shampoo, which will absorb the oils and odors, and give your hair back its volume. Just be sure not to put dry shampoo on wet hair as it will cake onto the strands.

  3. Use detangler

    When you do wash your hair, try adding a detangler or leave in conditioner. This way, you’ll be able to prevent pulling and breakage when combing out any tangles that formed during your workout. You can also try applying before working out, which makes it easier to rinse and style afterwards.

  4. Mask up

    Another great thing you can add to your routine is a hair mask. These work to penetrate the hair’s outer barrier to get a deep conditioning, leaving your hair moisturized and silky smooth. This restorative hair masque from Better Not Younger is packed with essential nutrients to repair rough strands and prevent any further damage.

  5. Use cold air

    Whether you shower afterwards or not, blasting your hair with cold air post-workout is more beneficial. It can help to quickly dry up any sweat and let you get straight to styling if you prefer not to shower. Alternatively, if you do choose to rinse out your hair, your follicles and hair cuticles are open and susceptible to heat damage. Applying cool air when drying prevents any continued sweating and oil accumulation that a blow dryer might regularly cause when not on the cool setting.






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5 Ways To Deal With Hair After Working Out In Your 40s

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