5 Ways To Get Rid Of Cloudy Pool Water

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Cloudy Pool Water : Clear and clean pool water is important for having a great time swimming. But what if you wake up to a pool that looks like a giant bowl of milk and has become unfit for your pool party.

This cloudy pool water can be due to the change in the chemical level of water, poor filtration, an excess of debris, heavy rain, too much sunlight, or environmental factors.

Whatever may be the reason, it is important to fix this problem.

Herein, we are suggesting the 5 ways to get your water back to shining and clear:

  1. Shock the pool

    Shock the pool
    Shock the pool

    Shocking the pool will reduce cloudiness caused by bacteria, organic contaminants, and algae, especially after heavy rain, or frequent use.After adding a shock, use pool test strips to measure the chemical levels such as chlorine, and pH of water.According to APEC Water Systems,”The chlorine level should be in between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm to keep a pool healthy.”

    Also, test the ph level of water before shocking. If your pool’s water pH is between 7.3 or 7.4, that is the only time you can shock it.

    Pro tip: When your pool water is cloudy, cover the pool with a quality pool enclosure until the water ph level has been restored.

  2. Use a Pool Clarifier

    All the chemicals are balanced, still your pool water is cloudy?In this case, a pool clarifier is used to reduce murkiness in pool water. The particles will be hard to be picked up by your pool filter alone. So, the clarifier causes minute particles to form a cluster in the pool so that the filter can easily remove them from the water.

    This also keeps your pool well maintained and clean. Alternatively, it’s a smart idea to place a pool cover over your pool when not in use.

    Pro tip: Use this additive weekly as a part of your pool care routine.

  3. Floc your pool

    Pool flocculant, or “floc,” has somewhat similar properties to a pool clarifier, but don’t consider it as the same thing. There is a difference between the two.While using pool floc, dissolve the powder in water and then pour it over the surface of your pool. This will bring all the clouding particles to the bottom of the pool, forming a giant cloud that can be removed by a manual pump.
    Unlike a pool clarifier, the particles accumulated by pool floc will not pass through the filter.

  4. Run the pool filter

    Run the pool filter
    Run the pool filter

    In case, there is any mechanical issue behind the cloudiness of your water, then fixing it should be the first point of call.To get rid of cloudy pool water, it’s important to run the filtration system for a decent period of time. In case you are using your pool regularly, run the filter 24/7 to keep the water clean and clear.
    Some of the ways to make your filter work more efficiently to have cleaner water are:

    • Open the bottom drain: Opening up the bottom drain will help to circulate the water and particles from the bottom will rise above, where the filter can remove them easily.
    • Vacuum your pool. Place your pool’s vacuum cleaner in the middle of the pool and then turn it upside down. This will stir the particles towards the filter.

    Pro tip:
    Make sure to have a proper filter that is suitable for your pool.

  5. Regular maintenance

    Regular maintenance of swimming pool
    Regular maintenance of swimming pool

    Regular maintenance is the best tactic to prevent the formation of cloudy pool water. Some of the regular pool care tips to follow are:

    • Clean your pool frequently;
    • Balance all water chemicals such as chlorine to make your water more stable against pH fluctuations;
    • Brush the pool to remove dirt and algae;
    • Run the pool vacuum;
    • Clean the filter properly and examine all the parts of your filter.

    For effective results, create a weekly maintenance schedule to maintain the longevity of your pool.


Regular pool cleaning, maintenance, weekly testing, filter maintenance, and shocking will keep the swimming pool water shining like a crystal clear oasis.

Follow these tips to bring back the 100% transparency to your pool so that you can enjoy your pool time.

Enjoy the clouds that are in the sky and not in the water!







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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Cloudy Pool Water

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