5 Ways to stay entertained on a long train ride

5 Ways to stay entertained on a long train ride : There are many tourist places, which are connected only through trains or due to weather conditions, sometimes it’s not possible to travel other than trains. Trains generally take longer time to reach. You can either just kill this time, or to enjoy you can make fun out of this long ride.

Let’s talk about some ways in which you can stay entertained on a long train ride.

  1. Listen to music

    A long train ride can get boring and tiring, especially when you have nothing to do. Therefore, one great way to keep yourself entertained is to listen to music. Take out your iPod or cell phone and listen to some great playlists which can uplift your mood or help you relax and get some rest. There are some great musical apps such as Spotify which have a wide variety of genres and musical artists you can listen to throughout your trip.

  2. Use your phone

    Modern technology has made it a lot easier for people to keep themselves entertained through their smartphones. For instance, you can play various games on your phone at different intervals of your trip. You may also watch videos or movies on your smartphone or tablet which will keep you preoccupied for the longer part of the trip. There are also various applications that you can use on your phone to keep yourself entertained, such as betting apps. If you are a football fan, for example, betting apps are an exciting way to keep yourself busy and to keep up with the various happenings in the football world in order to allow you to bet with ease.

  3. Read a book

    Reading is a very relaxing hobby or activity that you can take up on your train ride.  You can read a magazine and keep up with all the juicy stories, especially if you are travelling with your girlfriends. The men can also carry sports and fitness magazines to read through while on the trip.  Alternatively, you may read a novel, which also has a wide range to choose from, be it romance, horror, fiction or self-help books.

  4. Make a new friend

    Train rides can be a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and interact with them. You may meet interesting people and get to hear their opinions on various issues, or simply have a lovely chat throughout the train ride. Do not be afraid to talk to the person seated next to you since you may end up making a new friend that you never expected. Every once in a while, you may also get up and stretch your legs for a while and say hi to other people in the train. Do it strategically though, for example, if you bump into someone at the bathroom. This is based on the fact that you do not want to scare people or surprise them by walking up to them out of nowhere.

  5. Enjoy the scenery

    A lot of the tracks may be located at the countryside. Therefore while on the train, try your best to enjoy all the beautiful scenery outside the windows. If you live in the cities, it may be rare to get a view of the lush green countryside or the blue skies. The landscapes are quite breathtaking and eye-catching, and it is thus best to try as much as possible to take in and enjoy all the beautiful views.


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5 Ways to stay entertained on a long train ride

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