5 Ways You Are Disrespecting Your Better Half

5 Ways You Are Disrespecting Your Better Half
5 Ways You Are Disrespecting Your Better Half

5 Ways You Are Disrespecting Your Better Half : Respect is most important aspect of any relationship. Respect towards your partner shows that how much you care for their feelings and how much you remember to not to hurt them. Showing disrespect towards your partner always makes the impression that you don’t love your partner anymore or you are not moved by pain they feel when you hurt their feelings.

Kindly do not forget, your better half knows you better than anyone else and if they are duly respected, be sure that they will fight with their best to secure all the respects from you from every corner.

  1. Continuous criticizing

    It’s wise to point out someone’s wrong timely so that the wrong is not repeated next time. But this must be done with due respect and proper evidence. If you criticize your spouse continuously in presence of others, that may hurt her notwithstanding the fact that your grudge against your partner is supported by appropriate evidence. Sometime over-criticism leads to your partner to confide that you do not respect them in the desired terms.

  2. Always showing aggression

    It is commonly believed that male must be aggressive more than his better half. With this belief in mind, he tries to show more aggression on every opportunity available. When your better half finds such attitude from your end and does not find scope to express her, she takes it granted that you do not have any respect to the relationship you have with her. Showing excessive aggression may cause break-down in your relationship anytime if she has no other compulsion. If you want to change your aggressive behavior, consider receiving counseling from a licensed therapist at ReGain.

  3. Undermining the abilities of other one

    You should take it granted that if males are assumed to be physically more powerful than the females, God has gifted females with better brain power to handle the circumstances more efficiently. Any underestimate of her abilities by you may amount not only disrespect but also will challenge her existence to cause enormous loss during crises as at that time, you may not get proper advice or use of her abilities.

  4. Flirting with others

    Frequent talks/contacts with opposite section may be necessary in terms of some business or other consideration. But flirting may shake bilateral fidelity which is the core requirement of every relationship. Any breach in that confidence may lead to believe that you do not have respect to your relationship and can cause breakdown.

  5. Showing discontentment of your relationship to others

    Keeping relationship intact is entirely your personal matter and should be continued while extenuating your discontentment with your spouse. In case you discuss the reasons of discontentment with others, it may lead your better half to believe that you do not have confidence or respect to them for resolving the issues with them first if those issues have not been created by them deliberately with ulterior motives.

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5 Ways You Are Disrespecting Your Better Half

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