5 Ways You Can Repair Damaged Bleached Hair

5 Ways You Can Repair Damaged Bleached Hair : Bleaching is a fantastic way to brighten and lighten your hair to a dazzling new color but there are trade-offs for all that blond shine. To lighten hair, bleaching opens the cuticles and can strip important protective oils and fibers from every strand – leaving your hair feeling brittle, dry, and prone to breaking.

We have all been through this at some point or another and with our shared experience comes a wealth of tips and tricks that’ll get your hair back to its beautiful best after bleaching. Try these 5 favorites next time you need to know how to repair damaged bleached hair:

  1. Keep your hair hydrated

    Bleach-damaged hair is gasping for water – and you can help it by replenishing the lost moisture. As mentioned above, bleaching opens your hair cuticles and can strip oils from it. That means bleached hair may not hold moisture as well as before so it’s important to find a good hair oil that will seal your hair and lock in that lost moisture while your cuticles repair.

  2. Choose gentle products that are right for you

    Everybody’s hair is unique and different. Because of that, you need to find the products that are right for you – especially when bringing your hair back to life after bleaching. A general guide is that moisture-packed hair conditioners and shampoos are great for keeping your hair hydrated while leave-in conditioners can continue to work to help your hair even after you are out of the shower. You may also want to consider color-toning, purple, or silver shampoos and conditioners to help avoid unwanted brassy notes in your blond locks.

    For help finding some products that are amazing, take a look at these recommendations for the best natural hair care products out there.

  3. Use heat less often

    A common cause of hair damage is heat styling so it’s even more important to take care when blow-drying, straightening, or curling bleached hair which is arguably more fragile. The best way to protect damaged bleach hair from further harm is to avoid using heat at all – but let’s be realistic. Limiting how often you heat style your bleached hair and using a good quality heat protectant spray or serum is a more sustainable choice. Try air drying your hair after a shower and avoid straightening except for when you really must. Bleached hair can be dry as it is; drying it out more is not a good idea.

  4. Limit sun exposure

    You protect your skin from the sun (or you should!) but did you know it can also damage your hair with too much exposure? If you know that you are going to be out and about during the day, bring a hat to make sure your bleached hair is covered and not baking in the sun. There are also products that act as sunblock for your hair and can help protect the sensitive skin on your scalp which can also be damaged by the bleaching process and the sun’s rays.

    The sun is not the only summer treat that can be tough on your hair. If you are by the pool, check out this guide to protecting your hair from harsh chlorine.

  5. Bleach less often

    Bleaching your hair to achieve a certain look can become obsessive … but the more frequently you do it the more damage you’re likely to cause. Try to take a break from bleaching for at least 8-10 weeks after each coloring session and try to touch-up only those areas that need work where you can. Always choose a good quality bleach and do a patch test first. There are even ‘gentler’ options available that use fewer harsh chemicals to lighten hair: they just might have slightly diluted results.

Lightening your hair can result in bright and gorgeous locks but the fear of exposing your follicles to bleach can easily put you off. Hopefully these tips will keep you prepared so you know how to repair damaged bleached hair if you ever need to.




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5 Ways You Can Repair Damaged Bleached Hair

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