5 Yoga Poses You Need To Boost Your Sexual Stamina

5 Yoga Poses You Need To Boost Your Sexual Stamina : If you want to have a fulfilling and happy sex life, there are several things that you need to do. There are many options that you can choose from when it comes to enhancing your sexual drive. There are websites like https://omgbrah.com that you can visit for more intensive and helpful tips to improve your mechanical drive.

Yoga, for instance, is the best way to turn you into a bed master.

Numerous yoga poses are beneficial to your body. It can improve the strength and blood circulation in the pelvic area.

According to Bharat Thakur, a fitness master, sex evolves into mechanical and routine for a few minutes of stress relief. He adds that yogic postures can make your body supple and can relax your muscles which will help your body functions beautifully.

Yoga also helps your overall physical, mental and sexual state to work harmoniously with each other. Furthermore, the effect of yoga in improving the libido and sexual enhancement are reaping intensive documentations for ages.

It’s about time that you unleash your ‘inner Eros’ and spice up your sex life with these five proven and effective yoga poses to enhance your sexual stamina.


1. Ustrasana

This yoga posture relieves your whole body by opening your spine and hips, building better endurance. It also aids in distressing your entire body system, and you will feel more relaxed and lighter yet very energetic in bed.

Directions: Firmly stand on your knees. Grip your heels slowly with your hands pushing your hips forward. Arch your backs and drop your head backward. You have to retain normal breathing while staying at the posture for 10 to 30 seconds. Repeat thrice.


2. Marjariasana

This particular yoga move relaxes your back and helps strengthen your spine. You should know that a healthy and supple spine goes a long way in experimenting and lasts longer during intercourse.

Rhythmically breathing in this position also helps you in harmonizing your breathing pattern with your partner which is a famous tantric move to connect better.

Directions: Put your hands and knees perpendicularly to the ground or on the floor. Inhale and slowly arch your back towards the floor. Stay still for a moment and exhale then arch your back away from the floor in an upward direction like a cat. Repeat this for 10 to 20 times in a slow rhythmic fashion.


3. Baddha Konasana

This yoga posture mainly opens up your inner thighs and hips which increase your flexibility and endurance in the groin area to try more positions.

Directions: Sit properly on the floor with your back straight and bring your feet together. Press your knee gently with your palms while stretching the groin region. Try to extend your knees all the way to the floor. Stay in this position for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat thrice.


4. Setu Bandhasana

This yoga pose helps strengthen your core and pelvic muscles. It also promotes blood circulation to your genital area as it stimulates the primary chakra (flow of energy) in your body, thus increasing your libido.

Directions: Lie down on your back and bent your knees forward. Bring your feet as close to your buttocks as possible. Squeeze your buttocks and thighs, lift your torso and press down on your feet. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds then slowly work your way up to 3 minutes. After completing the set, slowly lower your back to the floor, one vertebra at a time until you are flat on your back with knees still bent. Repeat thrice.


5. Anjaneyasana

This yoga position is excellent in strengthening your pelvic floor and stretching your thighs. The weight that your pelvis carries will enhance the blood circulation to the area which in return, aids cellular regeneration.

Furthermore, it improves your balancing capacities when it comes to standing postures.

Directions: Step your right leg forward for a few feet then bend your right knee while keeping your left leg straight. Make sure that your knee projects a 90-degree angle on the floor. Avoid extending your knee to your ankle. You can rest your arms on your hips if you need support, put them on either side of right foot. You need to feel the tension in your inner left leg and strengthening in your right leg. Take ten slow and deep breaths. Go back to standing position and repeat the steps on either side, lunge your left foot forward.



Hopefully, the yoga poses above will improve your sex life and bring you more unforgettable experiences in bed. Follow the steps, and before you know it, you’re getting the best out of everything a healthy and satisfying sex life could offer.


Author Bio:

Harry Beckett is an active environmental advocate who believes in the wonders of nature. Harry likes to write and share his ideas about men’s health and wellness and devotes most of his time on latest researches about the male reproductive system. Currently, he is an active advocate for safe sex and promotes campaigns across different states.



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Yoga Poses You Need To Boost Your Sexual Stamina
Yoga Poses You Need To Boost Your Sexual Stamina
Yoga Poses You Need To Boost Your Sexual Stamina
Yoga Poses You Need To Boost Your Sexual Stamina
Yoga Poses You Need To Boost Your Sexual Stamina
Yoga Poses You Need To Boost Your Sexual Stamina







5 Yoga Poses You Need To Boost Your Sexual Stamina

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5 Yoga Poses You Need To Boost Your Sexual Stamina