6 Enchanting Ways To Make Your Eyelashes Longer

6 Enchanting Ways To Make Your Eyelashes Longer : The majority of the people believe in myths rather than facts about making their eyelashes longer. Well, methods and techniques that have been scientifically proven should be applied to the beneficial results.

With the help of a few methods and techniques, anyone can get their eyelashes longer and thicker at home. It would be completely unnecessary to visit a beauty parlor because with the help of some basic and simple steps you could DIY at your home.

Until and unless you find effective results in the growth of your eyelashes through branded products, natural methods should be able to do the trick. Most people believe using Vaseline, Green Tea, any kind of Petroleum Jelly, or Eyelid massage would help for the growth but these have not yet been scientifically proven. Take a look at the best ways to naturally lengthen your eyelashes which may have been proven scientifically.

Usage of Latisse

Latisse is nothing but a medication that is used to treat high pressure inside the eye. Latisse might have been scientifically proven in showing effective results on the growth of eyelashes but many people had to face possible side effects. However, this does not guarantee that you will experience these side effects after its usage. But, it can be justified to say that this method would be worth a try given you do not have any kind of medical history of allergies and such. Since it is a medication, people should not try to use it on their own without consulting with a doctor.

The FDA approved this medication for the growth of eyelashes back in 2008 and it has been deemed safe for adults. This method of growing might not be a natural method but it has shown effective results in the majority of the people. Consult with a doctor before using Latisse.

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Grooming Eyelashes

Another effective method for keeping your eyelashes in shape and also supporting its growth is by grooming them. Grooming helps keep your eyelashes maintained and gives the natural ideal look on your face without using any kind of beauty product. It also improves the health of your eyelashes, thus making them less likely to break. The process of grooming can enhance not just growth but also make them appear thicker.

Tips for grooming eyelashes to promote the growth of it:

  • With the help of an eyelash brush, regular brushing of eyelashes would be beneficial in the long run.
  • Use a mild/gentle soap to clean your face regularly.
  • At the end of each day do not forget to remove any kind of eye makeup.

Please note that cutting or trimming eyelashes does not help them to grow longer as there is no proof of that. The length of your eyebrows is genetically determined and trimming them off would not be at all beneficial.

Taking Supportive Supplements

The delicate hairs on the inside lining of your eyes aka your eyelashes are delicate. These structures are made up of proteins just like the hair on our heads (keratin). Eyelashes grow on their own and usually, there is no requirement for external support. But, supplying your body with proper nutrients might do the trick of lengthening your eyelashes.

Well, to build keratin the human body would need certain types of amino acids. This is where research and studies indicate the benefits of collagen and biotin supplements. There was a study that showcased a significant growth when biotin supplements were used.

Moisturizing Eyelashes With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil might not help your eyelashes to grow longer than the usual size but it will support your eyelashes to grow to their full length and thickness. It is one of the easiest remedies that you can follow with no side effects and on the other hand, this is a natural method. Coconut oil will also help prevent any kind of breakage and will moisturize your eyelashes.

Steps to follow while using coconut oil on your eyelashes

  • First, dip a clean/new brush or a wand into the container of coconut oil
  • Secondly, apply the coconut oil that is on the brush to your eyelashes just like using a mascara
  • Ensure that the brushing is done from top to bottom of your eyelashes
  • Remove any excess oil from your eyelashes and your skin.

Coconut oil is a natural and effective way of enhancing the growth of your eyelashes but it may take up a few weeks. For best results, use daily and leave the oil to rest on your eyelashes overnight.

Use Lash Growth Serum

Latisse is the only product that has proven its worth when it comes to lash growth. It is also the only product that has been approved by the FDA but may have possible side effects like itching, darkened eyelids, dry eyes, and red eyes. However, there are plenty of products in the market that have rolled out the best and most effective ways of getting longer lashes. The brands and companies claim that their products work and may be the best in the market.

However, with proper consultation with a doctor, you can decide to choose among any of them whichever seems necessary and beneficial. It may be possible that your lashes would show growth within a few weeks of usage for which you can give them a try.

Usage of Olive Oil

Olive oil does come with a lot of health benefits and surprisingly it can also be used for supporting your lash growth as well. The presence of fatty acids in the oil might be enough to help condition your lashes and soften the skin below. These, in turn, help encourage healthy and full functioning of follicles which as a result enhances the growth of your lashes.

This is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your lashes have grown to their full potential. Olive oil can be used the same way as using coconut oil on your eyelashes and should be left to rest overnight to get the best results. It may not guarantee growth but it will definitely keep your lashes healthy by regulating your body’s sebum production which keeps bacteria at bay.




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6 Enchanting Ways To Make Your Eyelashes Longer