The 3 Things To Avoid When You Hit Menopause

The 3 Things To Avoid When You Hit Menopause : Every woman hits menopause at a different age. There is also no set way that menopause affects every woman. It is different for everybody which is why it’s so difficult to give advice on how to get through it. For some women, it is a quiet and natural passage while for others it is painful and challenging.

There are some things that are universal, however. These are the mistakes that women tend to make when they hit menopause that ends up making things worse for them. In this article, we will go over some of the common mistakes that most women make so that you can avoid them.

  1. Giving up on sex

    Although it’s true that sex drive can wane as we age, that doesn’t mean that you should automatically give up on having sex after menopause. It’s not a given that your sex drive will even lower when you hit menopause since it highly depends on your hormones.

    Women also have testosterone and it’s your level of that hormone that determines how your sex drive will go. In some women testosterone decreases over time. In others, it actually increases. You may find that you have a higher sex drive when you hit menopause than you had in the years leading up to it.

    There are some real benefits to making sure that you keep your intimacy levels high. Your marriage will be strengthened when you continue having sex regularly after menopause. An added bonus is that you no longer have to deal with birth control.

  2. Think depression is a normal side effect

    Depression is a side effect that many women experience when they hit menopause. The mistake here is thinking that it’s a given and something that you just have to deal with.

    The hormonal changes you’re going to experience will certainly lend themselves to some moodiness but you shouldn’t get depression from them. Depression usually becomes an issue for menopausal women because of its other effects. For instance, the thought of getting older and not being able to have children any longer is something that hits women particularly hard. If you feel depressed for whatever reason, the key is to confront it and seek out professional help.

  3. You don’t get enough sleep

    To help regulate your hormones you need to be getting a good night’s sleep every night. This is going to make sure that your hormones are balanced since they can fluctuate quite a bit during menopause. It is also going to help reduce stress which causes inflammation. This inflammation will cause a lot of discomfort and pain.

    Stress also raises cortisol levels which can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure. All of these things can be avoided by getting plenty of sleep.

    Make sure to take care of your sleep hygiene by putting devices away before bedtime, taking a hot bath, and even getting plenty of exercise during the course of the day.



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The 3 Things To Avoid When You Hit Menopause

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