6 Fashion Tips for the Cool Mom

6 Fashion Tips for the Cool Mom
6 Fashion Tips for the Cool Mom

6 Fashion Tips for the Cool Mom : Being a mom is one of the most beautiful jobs you can have.

But it’s also one of the hardest.

So, how is it that some women know how to look effortlessly cool, even when they’re juggling everything from daycare to work meetings? Look no further than this blog for your six fashion tips for the cool, on-the-go mom.

  1. Invest in a Statement Bag

    In the fields of design and engineering, there exists a golden rule: form must follow function. All that means is that you should never sacrifice convenience or usability for style. This rule is most applicable to a cool mom’s bag.

    But if you make the right choice, you don’t have to choose between form or function—you can have both.

    For ultimate super-mom chic, opt for a versatile weekender bag in a unique color like matcha green, or a chic cream handbag with seemingly endless compartments (Mary Poppins could never).

    If you really want to upgrade your mom status to the next level, be sure to stick in a compact, foldable canvas bag in one of your compartments for sustainable grocery shopping on the go—if you’re already protecting your little ones, might as well protect your planet too!

  2. Update Your Sunnies

    As a busy (and super cool) mom, you are always running or driving (or biking or rollerblading) back and forth between your kids’ activities. And what is the #1 must-have for any after-school pickup or work commute?

    Okay, after podcasts. That’s right, sunglasses!

    Changing up what shades you wear is the easiest way to earn some Cool Mom Points, even if you don’t know what “throwing shade” actually means (hint, hint: no one will be throwing shade at you after you read these fashion tips).

    To get hip with the kids while still protecting your beautiful all-seeing mom eyes, try out these cool styles for your next sunny shopping spree:

    • Big, tortoise-shell shades with gold embellishments.
    • Chunky, black, and rectangular with soft edges.
    • Gold-rimmed with pink lenses (ooh, sooo trendy).
    • Extreme cat-eye red acetates (these will make your kids jealous, we promise).
  3. Dress for Your Size

    Whether you wear the smallest bra cup sizes possible or have kahunas that would make Amy Poehler’s Mean Girls character spill her noon martini, you should be buying clothes that fit you like a glove. Wearing pieces that make you feel great is the key to embarrassing your kids with confidence (As Shakespeare once said, All the school-pick-up-zone’s a stage!).

    And that means dressing for your size and shape.

    Stop staring at the labels or judging yourself based on the little letter on the tag—if it fits and you look fine as heck, then you’re golden! Whatever your personal style entails, make sure you find pieces that make you feel beautiful—and don’t be afraid to get items tailored. Whether it’s a classic plain T-shirt or a cute dress, any piece of clothing will look flattering on you as long as they fit you properly. Tailor fitting is the secret to why most clothes look on celebrities, even if they’re just plain tees.

    Because the coolest thing you can be is confident.

  4. Bring on the Brooches

    Hold up—we know what you’re thinking. Brooches can sometimes come off as matronly or dowdy. But they certainly don’t have to be. 2020 is all about excess and boldness—so why not be bold with a brooch (or twenty). That’s right, stack on those brooches, and make it eclectic.

    Here’s how:

    • over your favorite tote bag in your coolest pins and iron-on patches.
    • Add a few opulent pieces to your favorite black booties.
    • Embellish an oversized cream blazer with glitzy brooches for a dash of casual sophistication.
  5. Power Suit for a Powerful Woman

    The power suit has truly never gone out of style. However, it has seen a revamp in these last few years. The 2020 women’s power suit follows a monochromatic color story with a chic edge.

    Just like the wearer, this outfit knows no bounds or limitation—an absolute staple for any no-nonsense Cool Mom ready to take on the world.

    You don’t have to work at an office to rock a power suit. In fact, you don’t have to work at all. Whether you’re a stay-at-home boss (pronounced: bawse) or an entrepreneurial queen (pronounced: kaween), you have every right to wear the fashionable armor of the modern woman.

    Go for a classic two-piece or get funky by layering a cream blazer over a jumpsuit with a cool print. No matter what, you deserve to showcase the power you have inside.

  6. Chunky Sneakers

    When you’re a #CoolMom, comfort and functionality are everything.

    Lucky for you, casual-cool streetwear and versatile athleisure are super hip styles these days. While being stylish isn’t always about jumping on the youngest generation’s fashion bandwagon, this chunky sneaker trend was just made for busy moms.

    Inspired by Balenciaga’s dramatically voluminous Triple S sneakers, this trend has taken the internet—and the streets—by storm. Join in on the fun with some affordable (or slightly-less-expensive) alternatives. Pair it with a pastel bike short (also very trendy) and an oversized, breathable blazer, and you’ll look so cool, your kid might actually let you drop them off right in front of school!

You’re Cool Because You’re a Mom

Here’s the plot twist of the whole story: you’re already cool. 

You do so much in your daily life that your morning routine could probably blow most job descriptions out of the water. You give endlessly and care for those that need you most. You love unconditionally and put in the effort to match.

You are cool because you are you.

These tips are just here to remind you of this truth. Now, go rock what you got, sexy mama!







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6 Fashion Tips for the Cool Mom

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