6 Tips for Dating a Feminist Sugar Baby

6 Tips for Dating a Feminist Sugar Baby : It’s a common misconception that a sugar baby lifestyle is incompatible with an empowered, feminist take on life. Many sugar babies start exploring life in the sugar bowl because it opens their dating options up and gives them a chance to realize their dreams alongside an emotionally mature partner who’s actually worthy of them.

However, there’s definitely a fine art to winning the heart of a feminist sugar baby, because she’s not just looking for a sugar daddy. She wants a man who’s genuinely capable of understanding her and appreciating her for the strong, empowered woman that she is. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Be respectful of all women

    A feminist sugar baby is looking for more than just a sugar daddy who looks the part and who knows how to treat her with respect. She’s only going to be interested in a man who treats all women with respect, regardless of who they are, so make sure that man is you.

    Definitely treat other women you directly interact with respectfully, but make sure you speak of other women with respect, as well. This includes your exes. It’s fine to talk about why things didn’t work out, if it does come up in conversation. But avoid calling your exes “crazy” or implying that everything that went wrong was all their fault.

  2. Appreciate her achievements

    One reason many feminists gravitate toward sugar dating is they’re looking for partners who aren’t intimidated by the idea of an accomplished partner. Because a feminist sugar baby has heard it all from insecure men who didn’t really deserve to be with her in the first place.

    She’s heard over and over again that she’s “too much.” She’s dealt with small-minded men who were resentful of her achievements, drive, and ambition, because they thought they somehow made his worth less. So be a man who’s not only proud of his partner’s achievements, but who encourages and supports her any way he can.

  3. Don’t be too pushy

    When many men picture a feminist, they think of someone who doesn’t want a man doing anything for them, including holding the door or picking up the check after a meal out. But many sugar baby feminists actually do value these things as gallant gestures a man might make when he wants to show respect for his female partner.

    However, every woman is different. So definitely offer to do these things, but don’t push the issue if she’d rather open her own doors, get herself home after a date, or even occasionally pay for her portion of a meal. Just love and accept her for who she is.

  4. Listen to what she has to say

    To be fair, most sugar babies are fascinating women with many interests, opinions, and thoughts that they love to share with those around them. But a feminist sugar baby is going to be like this and then some. Her ideas and opinions mean the world to her, and she likely loves spirited discussions on those topics and many others.

    That said, one of the best things you can do if you want to impress her is listen to her when she talks, especially when she talks about feminism. It’s the best way to really get to know her, and you just might learn something interesting. Asking her what she thinks about various topics and then taking it to heart is a great way to win her over, too.

  5. Hold off on the pet names

    Although many women are fairly used to men they date using pet names like “sweetie” or “honey” when speaking to them, many feminists strongly dislike this – especially when it comes from a man they don’t know well yet. Names like these are typically viewed as demeaning and painfully old-fashioned, so don’t simply assume she’ll like them.

    Get to know her first before you start using any pet names to address her. You’ll have a better idea by then of what is and isn’t OK as far as what she likes to be called and when.

  6. Be honest and upfront

    This is one of the things about sugaring that really appeals to a feminist sugar baby – the way honesty and forthrightness are pretty much par for the course. So definitely don’t be afraid to be honest with her and let her know what’s on your mind.

    Follow up with her after your first date. Let her know how you felt it went, and talk out whether to meet up again in the future. If you don’t feel like there was a connection, let her know outright, as she’ll likely appreciate your honesty. And if she didn’t feel one, respect her feelings.

Ultimately, dating a feminist isn’t much different than dating any other sugar baby. Remember, she’s in the sugar bowl in the first place, because she knows the men here actually respect women and treat them well. That’s all you really need to do to win her heart.



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6 Tips for Dating a Feminist Sugar Baby

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