6 Tips to Consider When Using Scar Creams

6 Tips to Consider When Using Scar Creams
6 Tips to Consider When Using Scar Creams

6 Tips to Consider When Using Scar Creams : Nobody likes staying with a scar for long. It’s a constant reminder of an event that you wish to forget. The good news is that most scars often clear naturally with time. Thus, they don’t need an intervention. Unfortunately, others require you to seek treatment. If the scar is not deep-seated, you can use a scar cream.

You just need to shop for it wisely. In fact, you can buy the most effective Amazon scar cream. But before you do it, you should at least have an idea of what to buy and how to use it. To help you out, here are 6 tips you need to consider:

  1. The Wound Has to Heal First

    Just because there’s a scar cream on the market doesn’t mean that you should use it right away. These products have powerful chemicals which may irritate your open wound. So, you have to ensure that it heals first. Besides, healing is a natural process that’s facilitated by a complex protein called collagen.

    Collagen helps to repair damaged skin cells. It also hydrates your skin and improves its structure and elasticity. For this reason, you should give your body enough time for collagen to exercise its effects. Only after the wound has healed should you apply scar cream. You can know this if the itchiness, swelling, and scabbing have stopped. Additionally, you should check if the wound has closed up completely.

  2. Know How the Cream Works

    The secret to the working mechanism of scar creams is the ingredients. One major ingredient that you are likely to identify in your scar cream is silicone. Its primary role is to hydrate scarred tissue so as it can heal much faster. The other important ingredient that you are also likely to identify is allantoin. It’s important in softening and soothing the skin. You are also like to identify vitamin E (an antioxidant), Glycerin (a skin moisturizer), and Vitamin C (another powerful antioxidant).

  3. Read, Understand, and Follow

    It goes without saying, the manufacturer knows better. So, it’s important to read the scar cream’s label before you can try the product. The first thing you need to verify is if the scar cream works on your scar type. The next thing to know is possible side effects if any. You should know what to do in the event that you experience the side reactions. The other important details to know are the application instructions. You have to understand at what interval you should apply the scar cream and over what length of time.

  4. Silicone-Based Over Water-Based

    There are silicone-based scar creams out there alongside water-based options. However, water-based creams are not a good option if you are looking to achieve faster healing. This is because of two major reasons:

    – It doesn’t seal up a scar easily
    – Is more likely to trigger skin sensitivity reactions.

    So, if your skin is very sensitive, better not take a chance with a water-based scar cream. Instead, go for silicone-based. It allows moisture to be retained inside the cream coat and this fastens the healing. In the end, the wound seals up much quicker.

  5. Get the Consistency Right

    Two people using the same scar cream can get different results if the consistencies differ. For better results, you have to get the consistency right. For example, if your scar cream has a runny consistency, it’s hard to apply it and for it to hold on the scar area. If it’s too thick, it’s normally hard for aeration to take place. In this case, healing is slowed. Often, the consistency is affected by poor storage. So, make sure you store your cream in accordance with the manufacturer instructions.

  6. Keep Off Irritants

    It’s generally important to stay away from scar creams that’ll irritate your skin. The right cream is supposed to do the opposite. It’s supposed to soothe your skin and not to instigate itchiness. Usually, an irritant scar cream comes with an ingredient that doesn’t agree with your skin. It could be an acid, a coloring agent (petroleum-based) or alcohol. Therefore, if such agents are listed among the ingredients, then you should approach the product with extra caution.


Like most beauty products, you have to know how to use a scar cream for you to get the most out of it. Using the above tips, you can get the best product that’ll clear scars from your skin in an effective and safer way. It’s wise that way instead of using the product blindly.






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6 Tips to Consider When Using Scar Creams

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