6 Ways to Combine Yoga With Chakra Healing in Boulder Colorado

6 Ways to Combine Yoga With Chakra Healing in Boulder Colorado
6 Ways to Combine Yoga With Chakra Healing in Boulder Colorado

6 Ways to Combine Yoga With Chakra Healing in Boulder Colorado : In the stressful world we live in, many people are flooding to yoga studios for some stress relief. Through regular yoga practices you can experience an abundance of benefits that includes chronic pain relief, improved blood circulation, better flexibility and joint movement, and sounder sleep.

Apart from the many physical benefits you receive you can also experience a true inner peace when you combine Boulder Colorado yoga classes with Chakra healing.

There are 7 main Chakras and together they all aim to achieve a balance between the body’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The Seven Chakras

  • The crown situated above the head responsible for wisdom and spirituality
  • The third eye situated between the eyes and responsible for psychic ability
  • The throat situated in the throat and responsible for expression and creativity
  • The heart situated in the chest and responsible for compassion and love
  • The solar plexus situated in the pit of the stomach and responsible for intuition and confidence
  • The sacral situated in the navel and responsible for passion and sexuality
  • The root situated in the tailbone and responsible for trust and survival

When these seven Chakras are blocked it can cause you a lot of mental and emotional anguish. To find out if they are blocked visit here: https://www.wellandgood.com/good-advice/what-are-chakras/

To help you achieve healing and balance throughout your body we’ve compiled 6 different ways you can heal and unblock them.

Combine these 6 ways with your yoga classes and you’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

  1. Meditation

    Follow a guided meditation from a yogi or even on an app online. You have to truly focus during your meditation session on the cause or root of your feelings. What is causing you to feel distressed? Be completely aware of what is going on inside your body and bring attention to it.

    By bringing attention to the parts in your body that needs healing, you will be able to ease and relieve some pain through meditations. Try the white light Chakra meditation, or the inner vision meditation.

  2. Massage Therapy

    There are many massage therapeutic practices that focus on healing the different Chakras. By massaging different areas of the body and focusing on them in different techniques will help your body to release tension.

  3. Musical Healing

    We are all influenced by different kinds of music. Listening to a certain melody can evoke emotions or memories. In the same way one can heal through music.

    Chakras within the body respond to different frequencies in music. Find healing sounds that include Isochronic Chakra Suite or Tibetan singing bowls. They are both different music styles that use brainwave techniques and Solfeggio frequencies.

  4. Healing Crystals

    Clear quartz is a stone that can heal multiple Chakras. But to focus more on specific areas you can obtain healing stones in a variety of colors with different powers.

    Read this for more information on crystals and their different healing properties.

    Just like you would use crystals for healing you can also invest in different types of essential oils. Different scents can awaken and open different areas in the body. Using incense is another way to awaken the senses.

  5. Affirmations

    Affirmations are so important in our every day lives. Saying positive words to ourselves and to different parts of our being can strengthen and heal our damaged parts.

    Focusing on your heart Chakra you can affirm yourself by saying, “I am worthy of love and I give and receive it unconditionally”. You can check out 15 root chakra affirmations to Say During Meditation for Healing, and Balancing.

  6. Seek Professional Healers

    In the same way that there are medical practitioners for your physical health, you get professional healers for your mental and emotional health. Energy healers are trained to assess a person’s energy levels in their body’s Chakra system.

    They will be able to find any blockages within the 7 main types and through a series of exercises and treatments they will be able to heal and remove blockages. This practice first originated in India and since its existence it has gone hand in hand with the yoga movement.

For true balance and inner healing, you can combine your regular weekly yoga routine with any or all of the above ways. Namaste.






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6 Ways to Combine Yoga With Chakra Healing in Boulder Colorado

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