7 Healthy Breakfast Drinks to Supercharge Your Mornings

7 Healthy Breakfast Drinks to Supercharge Your Mornings
7 Healthy Breakfast Drinks to Supercharge Your Mornings

7 Healthy Breakfast Drinks to Supercharge Your Mornings : Move over black coffee, there’s a newer, healthier morning drink in town. Read on for seven healthy breakfast drinks to get you off on the right foot.

Breakfast gives you the energy to begin your day. But, not everybody can stomach a big meal early in the morning.

In fact, you really shouldn’t. It can cause you to overdo your calories for the day.

Mornings on the go can leave you skipping breakfast and opting for a coffee. This can leave you feeling jittery.

Healthy breakfast drinks can rev you up without pushing you over your calorie count or keeping you from getting any.

7 Healthy Breakfast Drinks to Wake You Up

Set yourself up for a productive day. Try one of these healthy drinks that will give you energy!

  1. Smoothies

    Who doesn’t love a smoothie?

    This refreshing drink packs in a punch of vitamins that will help you knock out your to-do-list. But, it can also fill you with sugar.

    So, stay aware of your ingredients. Balancing it out with veggies will help you keep the sugar count low and the nutrients high.

    A Blueberry Avocado Smoothie mixes avocado, blueberry, cauliflower, hemp seeds, almond milk, and ice to create a low-sugar, power-packed start to your day. Not your thing or you need more ideas?

    Play around with your recipes to lower the sugar content and increase the nutritional value. Use low sugar fruits and skip the fruit juice.

    Also, add veggies, seeds, and your favorite nut butter. Healthy fats will give you more flavor and the texture you desire.

    These smoothies will provide you with a healthy balance of vitamins, minerals, fats, and protein to start off your day. They also contain numerous antioxidants, which keep you looking and feeling vibrant!

  2. Bone Broth

    We bet you did not expect to see this on the list. But, make no bones about it, this hot broth creates a healthy wake-up drink.

    On top of the numerous veggies used to make most stocks, both broths pull nutrition from the animal’s rich bones, rather than the fatty flesh. Bone broth differs from regular broth and stock also because it cooks for long periods of time to extract nutritious gelatin from the bones.

    The history of bone broth dates back 2,500 years for Chinese medicine, and to the 12th century for the Egyptians. Throughout the years, many cultures continued to nourish loved ones with this delicious liquid.

    The nutrients derived from animal bones may actually help your bones and joints. Bone broth offers up a dose of collagen, zinc, and manganese, which aid in building bone density and fighting against osteoarthritis.

    The amino acid glutamine works as an anti-inflammatory white glycine may aid in getting better rest.

    Wake up drinks like this can also promote weight loss. The liquid fills your belly with less calorie content and the high protein content keeps you feeling full for longer.

    Simply warm it up and sip in the goodness!

  3. Wheatgrass and Pineapple Juice

    You will love this green goodness. It will wake you up with a generous boost of nutrients.

    Pineapple is loaded with a variety of vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C, manganese, and crucial B vitamins. Wheatgrass complements this not only in taste but with whopping doses of fiber, protein, potassium, Vitamin E and Vitamin A.

    This juice offers an abundance of antioxidants to protect and repair your cells and boost your immune system. While the wheatgrass contributes vitamin E and Glutathione, pineapple offers vitamin C and beta-carotene.

    If you wake up with aches and pains, pineapple-wheatgrass drinks in the morning might help. This combo may help to reduce inflammation.

    You may also find that it stabilizes your sugar levels, lowers your cholesterol, and aids in weight loss! All while keeping your digestive system moving smoothly.

  4. Lion’s Mane Tea

    There is not ‘mushroom’ to debate the health benefits of this fantastic fungi! Plus, its warm, earthy flavor will feel like a morning on your way out the door.

    This mushroom is loaded with vitamins and minerals. But, it contains important compounds that plants typically do not.

    Its glycoproteins, erinaceolactones, hericerins, and erinacines, have made it an important part of Chinese medicine for centuries.

    Drinking it in the morning may help literally wake up your brain. It is known to stimulate neurons and possibly even ward of dementia.

    Lion’s Mane also boosts the immune system, reverses anxiety and depression, and possibly wards off cancer!

    Not sure you want to trade caffeine for fungus? Add in a packet of caffeine alternatives to coffee, like Pure Lyft, for that added edge!

  5. Chaga Tea

    Yes, more healthy drinks to make from mushrooms! This wood-like fungi grows on birch trees and offers a potent dose of nutrients to start your morning.

    Chaga also boosts the immune system with vitamins and minerals including amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin D, potassium, rubidium, zinc, copper, selenium, and many more. In Chinese medicine, they also believe that this mushroom slows the aging process.

  6. Beet Juice

    Beets often get a bad rap, because people tend to think of the canned, pickled version. But, pure beet juice offers a sweet, filling option for make up drinks.

    Beets boost your energy and stamina by helping your muscles use energy more efficiently. They increase your blood nitrate levels and stop the muscles from depleting their regular energy stores.

    On top of fitting into healthy drinks that give you energy, beet juice lowers blood sugar, detoxes your body, and balances your blood pressure! You can’s beet it!

  7. Water with a Zip

    Here is one of the easiest healthy drinks to make in the morning. To a large jug of water, add fresh ginger root, honey, and fresh-squeezed lemon and orange juices.

    The water will hydrate you, the citrus will make you feel energized, the ginger will take away morning aches and inflammation, and the honey will sweeten the pot with a boost of antioxidants. Especially choose this drink on the mornings you feel under the weather, as this combination will soothe your sickness and keep you on your feet.

Rev-Up Your Mornings the Right Way

Drinking your breakfast makes mornings on the go work out in your favor. These healthy breakfast drinks will boost your energy and overall health. Plus they taste delicious!

We want you waking up to your best life every day! Read more ways to keep yourself healthy on our website.





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7 Healthy Breakfast Drinks to Supercharge Your Mornings

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