5 Popular Treatments for Cellulite

5 Popular Treatments for Cellulite
5 Popular Treatments for Cellulite

5 Popular Treatments for Cellulite : If not burned adequately then fat deposition in women body is natural and continuous phenomenon. This fat is stored in subcutaneous layer of the body which is governed by hormones to meet the need of extra energy of female body at time of pregnancy or other body needs and this fat can’t be burned by diet or exercise programs.

This fat in a form of cellulite is to be removed by surgical or non-surgical methods only.

Few of the non-surgical very popular treatments for cellulite are mentioned as underneath.

  1. Shockwaves for Cellulites

    This is one of the non invasion methods currently being used to remove the orange peel effect of the skin caused by cellulite. Hyper power sound waves are produced and passed over the cellulite area with handheld device to produce high power electro-mechanical shock waves. This cause improved circulation of the blood in the cellulite affected area giving stimulation to blood vessels and hence repairing it to give you smooth and firmer skin. This easy, fast method is also painless and very effective.

  2. Pressotherapy

    As the name itself implies pressotherapy involves applying pressure and compression on the affected area to reduce fluid retention and stagnate blood due to accumulation of fat in surrounding tissues. It also affects to remove the toxins in the body and is very useful for weightloss. People those who are looking for weight loss in the areas of upper and lower limbs and abdomen can use this technique to get rid of extra fat deposited.

  3. Carboxytherapy

    This is non surgical method to treat cellulite. Carbon dioxide in its gaseous form is inserted intradermally with the help of tiny needles to increase metabolism of lipids of affected area hence resulting in fat burning. It also improves collagen formation in the skin which provides youthful and glowing skin. This process can also be used to remove stretch marks, dark circle under the eyes and even scars.

  4. Electrolipolysis

    This process is used to reduce local area fat and can be used to treat areas like hips, thighs and belly. A very low frequency microcurrent with different intensities is applied in the affected area according to the patient’s sensitivity. This current creates magnetic field around the fat and increases the temperature of the area and causes it to burn. This process is combined with pressotherapy and mesotherapy to access lymphatic drainage to get rid of waste caused by fat burning.

  5. Mesotherapy

    This therapy involves injecting of medicines by very fine micro-needles on the affected area. This therapy can only be administrated by qualified professional Doctor who has the knowledge of medicines and their reactions. This treatment is also used for Skin aging, can, micro wrinkles and keloid scaring. It requires multiple sessions on weekly basis and results can be seen after 3-5 sittings.


Apart from these methods to treat cellulites there are many other methods like vacuum suction, radio frequency, ultrasonic cavitations, microneedling etc. Each process works to remove fat and eliminate toxins from the body. Administrated under well qualified practitioners these process can show wonderful results without any side effects.





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5 Popular Treatments for Cellulite

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