7 Most Exciting Recent Breakthroughs in Anti Aging Medicine

7 Most Exciting Recent Breakthroughs in Anti Aging Medicine

7 Most Exciting Recent Breakthroughs in Anti Aging Medicine : Did you know stress can affect your skin and hair? If you’re noticing changes, we can help.

Are you looking for anti aging medicine? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over different treatments.

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  1. Laser Resurfacing

    If you want tighter and more toned skin, consider a laser micro peel. A fractional laser will pierce the skin’s collagen layer.

    It removes broken blood vessels and hyper-pigmentation. You’ll see results after a week and even improvements after a few months.

    The pain will depend on the treatment. Your skin therapist will use topical anesthesia. This treatment can improve wrinkled and rough skin. Depending on your skin, you might need a few treatments.

  2. Microdermabrasion

    This is a unique way to refine your skin texture. Microdermabrasion will remove bumps, flaky skin, and even sun-damage spots. This technology will help smooth the skin.

    Your skin therapist will use a metal applicator to exfoliate your skin. It will scrape skin cells and then vacuum them away. This facial will last up to three weeks long. Most people get microdermabrasion done before a chemical peel.

  3. Chemical Peel

    A chemical solution’s smoothed over your face, and it exfoliates the skin until it peels away. The regenerated skin isn’t wrinkled and is smooth.

    The new skin will be more sensitive to sunshine. Chemical peels can remove hyperpigmentation and brown spots.

    Lactic or glycolic acid’s placed on the face. Depending on the strength, you can leave it overnight or only for a couple of minutes.

    You’ll see full results after a week. You may notice your skin feels irritated or sensitive during those days.

    At first, the peel will burn and sting, but after 15 minutes, you will feel better. As we age, our skin has a more difficult time shedding its outer layer of cells.

    A chemical peel can soften skin lines and stimulate collagen levels. After a week, you may notice your skin tone is even and glowing.

  4. Injectables

    Botox can remove wrinkles and lines across your forehead, eyes, and between your eyes. Botox has purified toxins. An injection will block muscle contractions below your skin, erasing wrinkles or lines.

    The results could last up to four months.

  5. Fillers

    Over time, our body doesn’t produce as much collagen, resulting in a lower volume. Collagen is what makes our skin remain firm and plump.

    Dermal or wrinkle fillers will lift certain areas and fill in lines. Popular fillers include Restylane and Juvederm. If you have too much filler, your face could look bloated.

  6. Varicose Vein Treatment

    Sclerotherapy can get rid of veins through the injection of saline. Small veins can get treated with a laser.

    After sclerotherapy, the veins turn into scar tissue and with time, will fade. The pain for this treatment is moderate.

    The number of sessions you get will depend on the size and number of veins you have.

  7. LED Light Therapy

    Did you know you can get LED light therapy? Infrared light will help reduce inflammation and aid healing. Amber light will stimulate elastin and collagen. A red light will promote circulation and lower inflammation.

    A blue light will get rid of acne bacteria. It will prevent any new breakouts and treat existing breakouts.

  8. Consider a Facelift

    A facelift will help redrape the facial skin and tighten the skin at the same time. This procedure’s called rhytidectomy, an invasive procedure that works well.

    You can tighten any loose skin around your jawline. The process could remove deep creases around your mouth or nose.

    A surgeon will cut in front of the ear. This incision will extend into the hairline and behind the ear.

    Next, the surgeon will lift the skin off the fat and facial muscles, and pull the skin upward. They will get rid of extra skin.

    For a neck lift, the surgeon will make a small cut below the chin. After, the surgeon will close the incisions with staples and sutures.

  9. Laser Skin Resurfacing

    Most patients get laser skin resurfacing treatment for wrinkle removal. The treatment involves beams of energy light, and they penetrate small holes in the skin. This boosts the body’s natural collagen production.

    This procedure won’t damage the top layer of your skin. Recovery time isn’t super long. You will notice swelling and redness for two days after the treatment.

  10. Body Contouring

    Non-invasive procedures to tighten the skin have become popular in the past years.

    There are body-contouring treatments that even define muscle tone. Some other body shaping techniques don’t address muscles.

    Electromagnetic energy’s used to trigger around 20,000 muscle contractions for 30 minutes. The muscles will contract more than they would during exercise.

    A fast metabolic reaction occurs in cells. This causes the muscles to strengthen and grow, but also it breaks down fat.

    Most people use this on their buttocks or abdomen. This procedure is better suited for people who have a low BMI. It can reduce fat in difficult areas and improve the definition of their muscles.

    It’s recommended to schedule at least four treatments that last 30 minutes. Make sure they are only two or three days apart from one another.

    Keep working out after the treatments. Otherwise, you could lose the muscle tone or gain back fat. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your preferred results.

    Learn about regenerative medicine here.

Now You Know More About Anti Aging Medicine

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7 Most Exciting Recent Breakthroughs in Anti Aging Medicine

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