7 Items You Need to Breast Pump on the Go

7 Items You Need to Breast Pump on the Go : Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now? Then it sounds like you’re a mom and it’s no secret that moms are incredibly busy these days. Due to caring for their newborns, tackling household chores, returning to work, visiting relatives and much more, moms are constantly in motion. But don’t let that to-do list get in the way of breast pumping.

Items to Help Moms Breast Pump on the Go

  1. A Portable Breast Pump

    The first key to breast pumping on the go is having a portable breast pump that’s easy to take anywhere. There are a variety of options to help you pump on the go, but keep an eye out for a few certain features to simplify the process.

    For example, the best portable breast pump should weigh less than a pound with a sleek, compact design to easily fit in any bag. It should also have the option to be battery-operated in case you need to pump somewhere without a power source.

    Having a memory mode to save your preferred settings and an easy-to-use LCD screen can also help you save time and a quiet motor will help you discretely pump.

  2. Extra Breast Pump Accessories

    Sometimes when moms are on the go, they’re in a rush, meaning it can be easy to forget breast pump parts. Nothing ruins a pumping routine like not having your flanges, tubing, and more! Have a backup set to keep at your office or other places you frequently pump to make sure you’ll never be without an important part you need.

    Backup flanges and more are also great to have in case something breaks, so you won’t have to sanitize your pump after each use. Also, never forget spare batteries.

  3. Breast Pump Tote

    We only have two arms! How can moms be expected to carry everything? With a cute and functional bag, of course. There are a variety of breast pump bags specifically designed to make carrying your pump easier.

    There are some backpack and tote options that even include coolers and ice packs to keep expressed milk chilled until you get home.

  4. Snacks and Water

    Breast pumping takes a lot of liquids and calories! Make sure you’re prepared to pump by taking snacks and water to maintain your energy levels. Signs of being too dehydrated for breast pumping include having a dry mouth, headache, fatigue and nausea.

    Along with maintaining your fluid intake, sustain your caloric intake. It’s best to eat healthy options and nutritious foods such as nuts, protein, and vegetables. If you’re wanting to lose baby weight, these items will help you. It’s best not to restrict your diet until you’ve met your breastfeeding goals.

  5. A Nursing Cover

    If you find yourself needing to pump in a public location or during a social event, it can be helpful to have a nursing scarf for instant privacy. This way if you’re uncomfortable exposing yourself, you can easily cover your ladies.

    There are tons of stylish options that double as a scarf, baby seat cover, shawl, canopy, and more. They’re perfect for multitasking moms on the go, but just remember to wear a loose-fitting top or button-down shirt for easy access.

  6. A Nursing Bra

    A lot happens to your ladies before and after giving birth. Most commonly, they become a little larger and heavier. It may be in your best interest to upgrade your over the shoulder boulder holder to a nursing bra for comfort and convenience.

    They allow you to access your nipples without having to take off your bra for quick and easy access! Plus, there are some handsfree options.

  7. Cleaning Supplies

    You need to clean your pump parts between each use, but you may not always have access to soap and water. Take baby wipes or breast pump cleaning spray to get rid of any milk residue until you’re able to fully sanitize each part later. It can also be useful to take waterproof bags or containers to store any wet items in.

    Sometimes spills happen, so it’s best to be prepared with a cloth to wipe up any milk or water. Also, it can help to have a backup outfit in your car in case anything spills on your clothes while you’re out.


Get Out There and Pump

You don’t have to slow down just because you’re breastfeeding. With the right pump and accessories, you can easily maintain your breastfeeding goals while accomplishing everything you need to on the go!


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7 Items You Need to Breast Pump on the Go

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