7 Most Useful Women’s Golf Tips for Beginners to Improve Speed & Accuracy

7 Most Useful Women's Golf Tips for Beginners to Improve Speed & Accuracy
7 Most Useful Women's Golf Tips for Beginners to Improve Speed & Accuracy

7 Most Useful Women’s Golf Tips for Beginners to Improve Speed & Accuracy : Be it male or female golfer, a beginner in golf has to get the basics right. It doesn’t matter what gender you are or where in the world you’re playing, the rules and basic guidelines remain the same. The aim here is to understand and be able to execute these basic tips. So how about we shed some light on the best women’s golf tips for beginners.

Your priority, most likely, is to make your golf swing smooth and effortless. And for that to happen, keep in mind the following instructions. They may seem too much at first. But once you start executing them on the golf course, the tips transition seamlessly into your every game to improve your swing and skills.

7 Most Useful Tips for Women Golfers

  1. Play the Right Golf Clubs

    It’s the very first thing that benefits all golfers. As a beginner, it’s only natural for your swing speed to be slow. And the majority of the times, women golfers have a slower swing speed than men. So it’s necessary for you to choose golf clubs that make up for the lack of speed.

    This brings into the picture the correct shaft material and flex. It’s the shaft flex that determines the distance, trajectory, and accuracy of your every shot. You can actually maximize your performance on the turf just by selecting the right shaft flex. And the right one for women beginners is one that’s not too heavy nor too stiff.

  2. Bend At the Hips

    When it comes to your golf swing, what also matters the most is your body posture. And this involves bending at the hips instead of the knees. You should tilt your body at your hips, thus creating a curve. Don’t get down from the knees. Failing to maintain a proper posture compromises the power of the swing, no doubt.

    Your arm and hand movements may be on-point. But none of this matters as long as your body isn’t at the right angle. A solid stance during address is something that flows effortlessly only eventually. So it’s okay if the posture feels a bit awkward and even uncomfortable at first.

  3. Know How to Move the Golf Club

    Now that you know how the body is to be positioned, let us tell you a little about how the golf club moves. A golf swing involves making tiny adjustments, which combine to create the full movement, agreed? In that case, power isn’t everything. It’s the smoothness of your swing that overshadows a faster swing speed.

    That means you shouldn’t feel so bad just because your swing speed is slower. Instead, focus on the movement of your club. Start by moving the golf club back to 45 degrees. There’s no sense in going back all the way unless you’re planning on hitting a wall, which you’re not!

    Once you reach a 45-degree angle, know that you’re doing whatever you can for maximizing form, power, and accuracy. This approach is sure to generate greater power from the hips, thus improving your swing even more.

  4. Correct Your Grip

    Often neglected is the grip of the golf club. And we don’t understand how since the grip is the only point of contact between golfers and their clubs. So, as a beginner, make it right by creating a strong, comfortable grip. Once you’re holding your club the proper way, you don’t have to worry much about your swing making a mess.

    Hold your golf club in the left hand and grip with the right. The latter forms a protective layer, which maximizes swing control.

  5. Maintain Your Body Position

    Only half the battle is won with the correct body posture, the other half consists of maintaining that proper position. You may be able to get things right to this point. But none of it matters if you end up losing the posture. Meaning repeating the same thing after the first try.

    But how do you go about maintaining that correct position? Take a picture, so you know how your hips were bending, what your leg placement was like, and how your arm was gripping the golf club. These are the basic dynamics of the position, which means you should never get them wrong.

  6. Increase Resistance

    You know how to produce a smooth, reliable golf swing movement? One of the most effective and easiest ways is by boosting resistance. The power you need certainly is the outcome of the tension that exists between the lower and upper body. Hold this tension and then release it evenly and smoothly.

    For beginners, this might seem a bit tricky at first. But, don’t worry, you’ll slowly get the hang of it. In the meantime, allow the body to move very naturally. Don’t force anything in order to keep the gradual unwinding or releasing of this tension from getting jeopardized.

    Another tip that helps, at such times, is knowing the yardage you want to gain. Based on that, you can expend the resistance accordingly. This is very useful for understanding which golf clubs are suitable for achieving how much distance.

  7. Create A Dynamic Motion

    Beginners should always create a dynamic motion if they want to produce a solid shot and get that golf ball into that hole. However, creating a dynamic motion and hitting hard don’t always necessarily go hand in hand. Not when you’re just starting off!

    In the beginning, try to relax a bit and instead focus on getting the basics right. And the basics, in this case, is to strike the golf ball and get it to travel down the middle of the fairway. So distance should not be your priority here. If you find that your ball is not going down the middle of the fairway but continuously curving off to the right (for right-handed golfers), you will want to learn how to fix a slice in golf.

    Generating a relaxed swing motion and allowing the golf club to properly unwind creates a powerful shot. At this point, listen to the sound your golf club makes. Is it a solid whoosh sound at impact? If yes, then breathe a sigh of relief because it means your swing is tension-free and smooth. On the other hand, if it’s a more jerky sound, you have to relax a little more.


Now I know that there are many more tips out there that can help beginners like you improve distance, speed, and accuracy. But you should also understand that you can’t take on such a lot at first. The goal is to help you get started. And the tips that are discussed in this article definitely give you the much-needed headstart.

So what if you’re a beginner with a slow swing speed, it doesn’t matter. To be honest, swing speed only matters when it comes to buying equipment like golf clubs. Otherwise, it’s the smoothness and accuracy of your shots that play a bigger hand in terms of achieving success.

Focus on the basics in the beginning and then slowly incorporate more changes into your game on the golf course.



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7 Most Useful Women’s Golf Tips for Beginners to Improve Speed & Accuracy

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