7 Must Have Fluids With Your Diet According To Research For Better Living

Fluids With Your Diet : How to choose the best liquids for overall well-being, Which you neglected till now.

We mainly focus on eatables solid while consuming our balanced diet and neglect the importance of liquids in our day-to-day life.

Just like other food items in the market fluids have their own space of specialization. It benefits  inefficient functioning of organs, preventing dehydration, support proper kidney functioning, and other digestion illness says, Tasmania government- Department of health.

As mentioned by Steven guest-MD, “ Fluid losses occur continuously from skin evaporation, urine, breathing, and stool, and this has to be replaced regularly for good health.

I firmly agree with this study because by the side of heavy eatables body needs a watery substance to process it for easy functioning and absorption.

Let’s review 7 liquid foods for productive work life and better health conditions that you must grab:

  1. Hot water

    Hot water supports countable health benefits in the human frame. Must be taken directly in the morning to avoid issues of constipation, cold, obesity and etc. “Helps in cutting down food, expels out toxins by raising body temperature, relaxes muscles by improving blood circulation, loos weight by increases feeling of fullness, and decreases metabolism rate. It will make you refreshed to take the workday easily in control”, said Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph.D., RN.

    Proper blood circulation may reduce the chances of pain and swell in the carcass. Effective to nasal-related issues as works on sinuses. With productive energy and body fitness, it will push you forward in taking better decisions for yourself. Stay protected with warm water consumption.

  2. Coconut water.

    The fruit of the coconut tree has water filled with extracts of carbohydrates in the form of electrolytes and sugar. Have daily to beat dehydration and diseases related to it.It can be taken as fruit from the market or in a plain label of tetra pack without any added sugars. Notice while buying it in plastic form.

    Coconut provides limited calories, free fat drink, proper hydration supply and got potassium rate more than 4 bananas”, says, Kathleen M Zelman, MPH, LD.Drink in the morning before breakfast or in the evening before a workout to collect your full potential. It will serve you with energy and weight management option.To achieve instant freshness and water intake satisfaction, it’s the top choice.

  3. Pomegranate Juice.

    One of my favorite juice to promote blood circulation. It has 3 times extra antioxidants than red wine which prevents cell damage and inflammation.“40% more daily requirement of vitamin C, protects from cancer as filled with nutrients and also prevents memory-related diseases”, says Natalie Butter, RD, LD.

    It can become a natural medicine to improve sexual problems, infertility in men and women, weakness. Taken as a remedy in Indian culture against diabetes.If are in your young years or old, this will become a life booster in providing you with an energy shield.

  4. Green tea.

    Choose green instead of milk tea as it boosts mind health with amino acid extracts and provides you a relaxing space.

    Green Tea Beats stress, excessive weight gain, stops the risk of cancer and energizes immune with strong digestion,” says, Cynthia sass-RD.

    If you are a patient with diabetes, heart, and skin problems it can act as a lifesaver by offering glowing skin and happy heart health. Strengthen your gut as a steel cover.

    Add in your oats, whole grain, and while sipping water.

  5. Soups.

    The hot liquid spoon of healthy ingredients like carrot, pumpkin, butternut, and more.“It is easy to cook with lots of hydrating content and strengthening items like garlic and green beans to contribute to a strong immune state. Ready to fight with bacteria and other viruses”, said Bethany Thayer.

    You can make tomato soup, chicken soup, corn, and loaded vegetable. If you face cold from time to time it can help you overcome it. Can be a substitute for a whole meal at a time. I like having this when not in the mood of eating a heavy meal.

    If you wanted a disease-free lifestyle. Switch to hot Beneficial syrups in your diet.

  6. Hot carob.

    The tree of carob is used in medicine and fruits. Can be used as a healthy substitute for dark chocolate and hot chocolate drink. As its positive effects on the body are related to ancient Greece times.

    “Available in the market as syrup, extracts, pills, etc. It tastes like your favorite choco flavor and is better than other chocolate products because it contains fiber, Lack caffeine which is a good sign, less fat, and antioxidants with no gluten content”, said Natalie Butler, LD.

    Got calcium more than in cocoa and is free from migraine risk ingredients. It can be used to remain happy without coffee or other sugary food items.How to have it:

    • Replace with hot chocolate and caffeine drinks.
    • Its powder can be added to milk.
    • Can be made into mousse cake, truffles.
    • Chips are available.
    • Gums form.
  7. Orange juice.

    Commonly found fruit can give you a lot more that you don’t know yet in terms of stamina, vitality, and proper fitness. “Filled with the concentrate of Vitamin C, potassium, and other high-rate antioxidants to upgrade your intensity and mind. Like coconut can give to proper kidney actions with a happy heart”, says Dr. Rachael Link.
    It will also benefit in Eyes light and increasing overall potential. So, Go and buy an orange from the market to then squeeze it with your juicer and have a natural sip.

    This summer take fresh orange Juice than plastic flavored juices.


AS like nutritious food, drinks also define our well-being. As our body is consists of 70% water and if you consume more water it will help you hear to pump extra blood simply. It will keep your muscles relaxed with hydration which lets you done more work better.

Include these 7 drinks today in your lifestyle to live with self-care and proper body and mind working.

If wanted to work with productivity and less stress choose your preferred one as per your need.






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7 Must Have Fluids With Your Diet According To Research For Better Living

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