7 Ways to Help You Stay Active in Winter

7 Ways to Help You Stay Active in Winter
7 Ways to Help You Stay Active in Winter

7 Ways to Help You Stay Active in Winter : The temperature drops below 1 degree Celsius and snow starts to form on the ground. Admit it – you immediately get that cozy, lazy feeling, wanting to sip that steaming cup of hot chocolate. You lie down and think of nothing else but putting that leftover turkey leg and mashed potatoes in the microwave. The next thing you know, you gained a couple of pounds that day.

Let’s be honest, it is hard to find ways and time to stay active, especially during winter. And by active, I mean getting off your couch and keeping your muscles awake with all the vital nutrients that you need for the day. Health and fitness nowadays are not only priorities but have also become trends, and working these two together with a little finesse can make you lose weight and gain more advantage.

But do not worry about the snow stalling the roads that you jog on and making you all cold and sluggish. You can always take it up a notch to maintain, or if not start anew about getting fit this season.  Here are 7 ways to help you stay active this winter:

  1. The Master list

    You can’t just hop right away on the train if you don’t know where you are going. And if you’re looking forward to a new health routine, always keep in mind that the things that you are going to do will not be the same as before. This means going off your books and reading new ones, and enlisting them can make your activities easy to track.

    Write your ideas in a small piece of paper or in your mobile note app. Your activities depend on what you want to do and when you want to do them. You can write the date, time and activity all lined up in a row and filling each out in columns. Or, you can simply turn on your phone alarm that says “Let’s burn some calories today, what do you say?”

  2. Cleaning is exercising

    Soot in your chimneys, setting up Christmas decors, these are all cleaning and at the same time exercising. If you would think of these chores, it’s not that difficult to do. But when you want cleaning to be exciting, well, you might want to reconsider those chores as boring.

    Picking up boxes may wear your muscles out, but what if I tell you that those dusty old boxes of yours can be good weights for your lunges? Also, digging out snow can mean more fun when done with family or friends. Give yourselves a break and make bets. Whoever gets to clear off their spots first will get a prize in return. Easy as that.

  3. Winter games

    Nothing is simpler than burning calories while really enjoying it. Make your past time extra fun with your family or friends with sleds, ice skating, or even snowball fights, because no one is too old for that. Innovating your fort is the way to go – battle cold and battle calories!

  4. Short but rewarding exercises

    If you want to work out in an indoor place and not get bitten by cold, plyometric exercises are the way to go. These are rigorous routines that push muscles to their limit in a short period of time. You can find these online and customize some workout in your liking. It suits best in lazy mornings when you don’t want to waste any of your time yawning.

  5. Cook like a doctor!

    Health experts say this again and again – eat your vegetables! Having the best food options also mean having the best nutrients to cleanse your body and increase your level of productivity. Furthermore, knowing information on the different kinds of diets will help you decide on what to cook.

    Try munching on fruits instead of candies and gingerbread. Also, doing more plant-based recipes will mean a lot in cleansing your internal organs. Just make sure to put a little space for the main Christmas dish! Don’t be all strict on yourself.

  6. It’s Doc, not Santa

    Monitor your blood pressure, heartbeat per minute, and weight every one or two weeks. These will tell if your activities are compatible with your body and its immune system. You can also visit your resident physician before doing anything.

  7. Rest is the key

    Getting yourself very busy can make your brain exhausted and your body a bit irritated with external contact. Having a good eight-hour sleep can reset your energy levels to kick back in the morning snow.


Winter can take up from three to four months, and it is not that easy to keep yourself on doing routines because of constraints like time, temperature and resources.

Let’s say you work five times a week and always need to leave the house before ten o’clock, but you have planned to do an exercise routine every morning. The key to achieving this activity flawlessly is time, and that is to wake up earlier than your usual schedule. In this way, you’ll be able to condition your mind with the plan, and in effect, practices your brain to work accurately.

Now, what separates your actions and your goals is your way of thinking. Your body is available to do what you can, but if you can’t control the actions that lead you away from your goals then you cannot start even in the first step. Set goals good enough for a season; do it in monthly or weekly schedules depending in your favor.

Getting through temptations that might affect your physical and mental health needs discipline. If you drink beer every after meals or use your computer for about 15 hours a day, unless it’s your job, then you need to swerve with a bit more effort, cut some unnecessary intakes and put your eyes on the prize.






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7 Ways to Help You Stay Active in Winter

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