7 Ways To Relieve Baby Gas Pain (Without Medicines)

7 Ways To Relieve Baby Gas Pain (Without Medicines)

7 Ways To Relieve Baby Gas Pain (Without Medicines) : Infants are prone to be gassy. It is not a surprising matter when you get some loud noises from the tiny stomach of your baby.

Some babies are able to easily pass out the gas without any difficulty but some fail and end up getting bloating stomach. It occurs them to cry and make you worry about how to deal with it.

Relieve Baby Gas Pain Without Medicines:

Being a parent nothing is worse than seeing your child in pain, isn’t it?

That’s why we are here to describe the most effective ways to relieve baby gas pain without going to a doctor.

  1. Try Burping

    It’s a common thing when your baby gets air trapped in his stomach while you feed him. Generally, babies inhale more air when they are being fed by bottles. Breastfeeding cause less air going into the stomach.

    So, you can try bumping for a couple of minutes after feeding your baby to let out the gas from his stomach.

  2. Get A Baby Gas free Bottle

    Who does love the crying face of their baby? Obviously, none of us love that! You know sometimes you can take the best decision to offer your baby the most comfortable life, how?

    Such kind of step is getting a gas free bottle! As we already know most of the bottle-fed babies are adhered to suffer from gas pain. So, a gas free bottle can help somehow.

    This kind of bottles are designed to ensure no air-bubbles in the milk. Else, these bottles are also liable to offer you no spilling of milk. So, you are absolutely free form the fear of baby’s ear infections. How reliable does it sound, right?

  3. Apply Bicycle Motion

    All you need is to take a step to let your baby pass out the gas. It is a small task like you have to lay your baby on his back and instruct his legs to move in a bicycle motion. This will clear out the gas from the stomach.

  4. Give Him Some Rest

    Probably you have tried burping and bicycle motion but still your baby is not able to get relief from gas then you don’t need to worry much.

    Sometimes, infants need a time of their own to separate the air from the milk. So, make him lay down on the bed and give some rest.

  5. Apply Warm Towel or Warm Bath Remedy

    If your baby is not in a good mode and crying consistently after you feed him then you just need to give him some remedy.

    A warm bath can soothe any pain from infants to older. So, you can give him a warm bath.

    In case, you don’t want to make much hassle or your baby doesn’t like bath, take a gently warm towel and place it on his stomach. It will soothe the pain and provide him some relief instantly.

  6. Message Tummy

    Keep your baby on his back and place your hand on his belly button to massage his stomach in a clockwise motion. Make sure you are not pressing too hard. It will relive his gas pain and make a stronger bond with you also.

  7. Try Football Hold

    This may sound awkward but many moms have got an astonishing result with it. You have to hold your baby laying his face down on the length of your forearm. It puts pressure on the stomach to help your child feel relax from the gas pain.


If none of the steps make your baby relive from the gas and pain, make a visit to the doctor.



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7 Ways To Relieve Baby Gas Pain (Without Medicines)

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