8 Cervical Cancer Signs You Didn’t Know About

Eight Cervical Cancer Signs You Didn’t Know About
Eight Cervical Cancer Signs You Didn’t Know About

Cervical Cancer Signs You Didn’t Know About : Did you know that every year more than 14,400 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer? The shocking statistics do not account for hundreds of women who live with undiagnosed cervical cancer. Dr. Leela K. Patel offers exclusive cervical cancer screening and obstetric-related services. We sat with them to understand the early warning signs of cervical cancer you may not be paying attention to.

Read on to find which signs you can seek medical intervention for at Patel & Patel, M.D center

  1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding

    While heavy flow during menstruation is a common phenomenon, excessive bleeding can signify advanced cervical cancer. If you experience bleeding after sex or blood spots in your urine, you need to get screened. Bleeding occurs after cervical cancer has spread to the neighboring tissues.

  2. Vaginal discharge

    Vaginal discharge is a sign of many reproductive illnesses and infections. White or yellowish discharge is a cause of concern. Obstetricians advise getting checked despite the odor of the discharge.

  3. Abdominal bloating

    Tumors may cause your tummy to bloat. You may experience indigestion or even see a bulge in your stomach. Abdominal pain does not rule out other gastrointestinal infections. However, stomach pains should steer you to seek medical assistance.

  4. Pelvic pain

    Localized pelvic pain and inflammation are early cervical cancer warning signs. During sex or post menstruation, pelvic pain occurring near the appendix indicates advanced stages of reproductive-related cancers such as cervical and ovarian cancer.

  5. Pain during sexual intercourse

    Pain during penetrative sex, usually accompanied by bleeding, indicates that your reproductive health is not okay. After the malignant tumor spreads to other cervix tissues, it is common for women to experience pain during sexual intercourse.

  6. Fatigue

    We all get exhausted by day-to-day activities. However, for women with cervical cancer, even mundane tasks are energy draining. If you feel lethargic and tired after engaging in simple activities, you need to visit an obstetrician or a board-certified gynecologist.

  7. Loss of appetite

    Cancer lowers your metabolism, which affects your desire to eat. If you have cervical cancer, you may lose weight quickly without feeling the urge to replenish your body with depleted food stores. Appetite loss rids you of important nutrients that boost your immunity, allowing opportunistic disease to affect your overall health.

  8. Frequent or urgent urination

    The need to frequently urinate in 24 hours varies from cause to cause. Subtle causes such as drinking too much fluid to advanced causes such as interstitial cystitis cause the urgent need to urinate. Urgent urination is commonly a sign of Urinary tract infection. However, some cervical cancer signs masquerade as UTI symptoms.


Leela K. Patel M.D explains that cancer, like all other maladies, requires early intervention. The primary stage of cervical cancer usually has undetectable signs. However, getting attuned to your body is the initial step in treating and often curing cervical cancer. If you notice the above signs or feel your body isn’t in sync with normal health, then schedule a visit to Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc. for effective cancer screening and accurate diagnosis. Dr. Patel meets all your obstetric needs with specialized care.






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8 Cervical Cancer Signs You Didn’t Know About

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