8 Ways You Can Get Muscles Without Looking Too Muscular

8 Ways You Can Get Muscles Without Looking Too Muscular
8 Ways You Can Get Muscles Without Looking Too Muscular

8 Ways You Can Get Muscles Without Looking Too Muscular : Looking like a lean, mean, fighting machine is all the rage these days. People nowadays like to spend their time exercising and eating healthy, and it’s quite a sight to see that everyone’s taking the extra mile in taking care of their body.

Not only will you look good, but you’ll also feel healthier as well. Some people like to overdo it though, and we don’t blame them, but not everyone wants to look like a bodybuilder who only eats chicken breast and drinks protein shakes all day.

Today, we’re going to give you a few tips and tricks on how you can gain that dream body you’ve been dying to have without overexerting yourself too much.

  1. Have a proper diet

    Do you know the saying “you are what you eat”? Well, it’s for the most part true, because your eating habits are definitely going to affect your physical appearance. Always remember that, if you’re consuming more calories than the calories you’re supposed to be burning, then you aren’t going to see much progress at all.

    If you’re just starting out your fitness journey, remember to eat a balanced meal of carbs and proteins, three times a day if you can. Also, tone down on those sodas and energy drinks because they can do more harm than good because of their acidic contents. It’s better to switch to alternative drinks like G FUEL or Whey Protein shakes to help you gain strength and make your body healthier. Even so, nothing comes more important than to drink plenty of water everyday, because that’s how your body stays hydrated all the time. If you can, drink the recommended amount of 8 glasses per day.

  2. Do explosive workouts

    Doing workouts such as squats, burpees, split jumps, and speed benches help your body build endurance, acceleration, and overall power because of their explosivity. All these exercises can lead to explosive contractions that result in super muscle activation. This is especially useful to make your body adequate enough for high power activities and quick acceleration.

    If you want, you can also add cardio exercises to your routine. This includes treadmill running, jogging, and sprinting, all of which are effective workouts that are good for burning fat and building lean muscle. It’s up to you to decide which is best for you.

  3. Have longer rest periods

    If you want your muscles to grow lean, then it’s recommended that you only take short rest periods between exercises. These intervals can last up to 30 seconds up to a minute for muscle training exercises. For strength workouts, you can take on average a 2 – 5 minute rest per exercise. This is to ensure that you have the physical and mental capability to finish your remaining sets without sacrificing the number of reps.

  4. Target Weaker Links

    Every muscle in your body is important, so you have to make sure that not one of them is left out from your workout plan. People tend to focus on specific muscle groups that they forgot about less important muscles such as the abdominals, lower trapezius, rotator cuff, and many more. Having a full-on muscle workout will lessen the chance of muscle imbalances and will help your body look more toned and have equally distributed weight on all angles.

  5. Know your body type

    If you didn’t know there are actually specific body types for individuals that helps them know what kind of workout they need and the diet they need to follow as well. For starters, there are three main body types, which we’ll be briefly discussing for a bit to help you find which one are you:

    • Ectomorphs
      If you’re one of these body types, you have a hard time gaining weight and look skinny in general. For these people, it’s best if they do cardio and resistance training to avoid looking skinny fat and get their body toned as well.
    • Endomorphs
      Unlike ectomorphs, endomorphs are generally bigger in their frame and have an easier bulking up. People with these body types should do a lot of more cardio and avoid weight and HIIT training if they’re leaning towards a slimmer look.
    • Mesomorphs
      People with these body types are usually average in size, and can gain or lose weight easily. They are naturally athletic and have an easy time building muscle as well. These types of people should focus on doing cardio more to keep their body fat balanced and also skip a few resistance training exercises.
  6. Lower the Volume Down

    When exercising, make sure that you limit your workout to 2-3 sets per exercise to balance how much muscle you’ll be gaining. Focusing on the bar speed will let you improve your strength more and will make your muscles bigger, to an extent.

  7. Don’t Forget to Add Cardio

    Never forget the need to incorporate a little bit of cardio with every workout session you’ll be having in the future. Jogging, running, and sprinting are always good exercises when you want to lose weight, and it couldn’t hurt to devote some time into doing them too. Try to add a little 15 – 30 minute jog every 3 times a week to maximize your cardio exercising.

  8. Be Consistent

    Last but not least, don’t forget to be consistent with your exercises and stick to your final goal, because that’s the only you’re going to be seeing results in the future. It may seem tiring and you might not lose the drive midway through, but always remember the reason why you started and that it’ll all be worth it once you reach the finish line.







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8 Ways You Can Get Muscles Without Looking Too Muscular

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