9 Benefits of Low-intensity Cardio Exercise

9 Benefits of Low-intensity Cardio Exercise : Low-intensity cardio exercise is getting popular day by day. It comes with numerous health benefits. One great advantage of low-intensity cardio exercise is that you do not need a gym to do it. It is easy and can be done at home and outdoor.

In this article, we are going to define low-intensity cardio exercise, who should do it, and 9 benefits of this kind of exercise.

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What is Low-intensity Cardio Exercise 

Low-intensity cardio exercise refers to those activities that increase your heart rate about 60-70% for a prolonged and steady period of about 10 to 60 minutes.

Note that, when you are on this kind of exercise, the heart rate doesn’t skyrocket quickly. Rather, it improves and increases by the passage of time. It comes with a relatively low impact on the body.

Some of the low-intensity cardio workouts include walking, yoga, light jogging, cycling, swimming, walking on a treadmill, jabs and hooks, etc.

How Is Low-intensity Cardio Exercise Different

So, how do you know which is low intensity from other cardio exercises? According to Meagan Wafsy of Massachusetts General Hospital, you can sing or talk comfortably while you are on a low-intensity cardio exercise. So, it’s a social exercise that lets you interact with others while you are doing it.

It differs from the moderate-intensity cardio exercise in the sense that, moderate cardio exercises let you speak, but not sing.

Again, low-intensity cardio exercise differs from the high-intensity cardio exercise in the sense that, high cardio exercises do not let you sing, or even speak in full sentences.

Who Should Go for Low-intensity Cardio Exercise

Except for those who are severely ill, low-intensity cardio exercises are ideal for everyone. If you can not manage time to go to the gym, or you are too busy who do not have much strength or will for high-intensity cardio exercises, low-intensity cardio exercise can help you a lot to stay fit.

However, how often should you do it depends on your weight, fitness goals and other factors related to your health and body. Being perfect for the people of all ages, low-intensity cardio exercise does not put much stress and pressure on your body as high-intensity cardio exercises do. If you do not want to go outside for a brisk jogging, you can simply get a good home elliptical and start doing low-intensity cardio at your home.

9 Benefits of Low-intensity Cardio Exercise

  1. Strengthens the joints

    No doubt, visiting the gym and performing hard workouts are awesome for your heart. But, high-intensity cardio exercise may have bad impacts on knee joints. On the contrary, low-intensity cardio exercise helps to strengthen the joints of your body. That’s why, if you are having joint problems or prone to recurring injuries, you should replace high-intensity cardio exercise with the low-intensity ones.

  2. Reduces Depression and Boredom

    If you sit for hours daily in front of the computer or smartphone screen, the chance is that you would feel bored and depressed. At that time, if you choose to walk for 5 or 10 minutes after a few hours, you will feel relieved and your boredom will vanish away. Sitting on a chair and lying for a long period can make you sick unless you keep yourself fresh and energized with some low-intensity cardio exercises.

  3. Keeps the Muscle Up

    When you will be doing high-intensity cardio exercises during the diet, your muscles and joints will go under stress which can eventually hinder the muscle growth. That’s why it is important to maintain the low-intensity cardio exercise to warm you up before you move for the hard ones. This will also make you ready for the high-intensity workouts and at the same time help you lose the unwanted fat.

  4. Helps To Reduce the Waist Circumference

    You might think that reducing the waist circumference is impossible without high-intensity cardio exercise. Fortunately, it’s not right! If you do not like high-intensity exercises and still want to lose fat, low-intensity exercise can help you a lot. It is quite effective to lose a few inches of stubborn fat from your weighty waist.

  5. Less effort, More Enjoyment

    One reason why low-intensity cardio exercise is so popular is the lightness and enjoyment associated with it. On top of that, it does not snatch away much time from your clock. As you can stick to this kind of exercise for months after months without much toil, you start to enjoy it and this becomes a habit. So, you become consistent in the workouts while the chance of quitting regularly gets reduced.

  6. Insulin Sensitivity Gets Improved

    It is found in research that for the people who are suffering from diabetes, the low-intensity cardio sessions are highly fruitful to improve insulin sensitivity. A study on this issue got published in September 2013 by Diabetes Care. When insulin sensitivity gets improved, the cells of your muscles use insulin better to produce energy.

  7. More Physical Stability and Balance

    If you need more balance and ability, low-intensity cardio exercise can be the life-saver. It is effective especially for adults with age more than 55 to add more stamina on their legs. There are different kinds of cardio that work to improve the joints and thus help to improve stability and balance. Issues like bone fractures and the risk of falling decreases to a great extent if someone regularly performs the low-intensity cardio exercise.

  8. Lessens Fatigue, Increases Concentration

    If you are tired of working indoor for a prolonged period, it is normal for you to feel fatigued. In that scenario, low-intensity cardio exercises work like magic to bring back the lost enthusiasm again. Take a break from your work and go downstairs for 10 minutes. When you come back, you will feel that you are now ready to focus again on your work with a higher level of concentration.

  9. Helps to Rest and Recover

    Your body might not always endure high-intensity training at the gym. On top of that, the tendons, muscles, and ligaments can get strained due to heavy workouts. Low-intensity workouts have no risk for strains. Rather, it helps to recover from any strains and Inflammation and stiffness get reduced.



Be it burning stubborn fat or building muscle and cardiovascular endurance, the low-intensity cardio exercise is good for all of these. With numerous benefits out there, these kinds of exercises lift your mode and let you be splashed with a good vibe.

We recommend you go for low-intensity cardio exercise as often as you can.







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9 Benefits of Low-intensity Cardio Exercise

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