A Guide To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

A Guide To Lose Weight After Pregnancy
A Guide To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

A Guide To Lose Weight After Pregnancy : We all love to have trimmed waist and well-built bodies. As youngsters, females are more conscious about maintaining their shape and weight. We start cutting off our favorite cheese-loaded food, lift weights, join a gym, and even take a jog in the nearby park. We cannot deny the happy feeling of getting our perfect size in clothes or fitting in our favorite old top.

Let us admit that secretly we females always want to look younger than our age and also to have a perfectly shaped body & correct posture. Be it an unmarried woman, or married, they all want to look good.

Weight gain has many reasons, but there is always an option to reduce it. Pregnancy is also a significant reality in our lives as a woman. Many studies suggest that an average woman can gain up to 25-35 pounds and approximately 11.5 to 16 kgs during pregnancy. This weight gain is natural as the body is undergoing hormonal and physical changes. After all, bearing a child for nine months is not an easy task. Those extra pounds are due to the baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, and many other physical changes.

The baby is a blessing, but deciding to keep this weight may lead to certain risk factors that can endanger your health as a mother. Hcg injection for women’s weight loss is the best way to lose those extra pounds for our health and those sleek dresses resting in our wardrobe.

Many females try home remedies, natural supplements, diet control to lose weight. Some females use power supplements like OxyShred that provides motivation and energy to get going for your exercise mat.

Here is a weight loss guide to shedding extra layers of fat after pregnancy.

  1. Avoid denial

    Let us not forget that conceiving a baby makes some changes in our body that are irreversible. If you had a flat belly before your pregnancy, you might not get it back. Some physical changes loosen our muscles in such a way that they cannot regain their old position.

    Studies suggest that an average female retains around 0.5 to 3 kg of body weight after years of pregnancy. Even if your favorite fashion magazine or celebrity tempts you to lose weight, do not forget that you have given birth to a baby. You can surely lose weight, but do not panic about those few kilograms that are now part of your body weight and accept it.

  2. Avoid Crash Diet

    In your pre-pregnancy period, it was okay to go on a crash diet plan to reduce your weight faster. Crash diets are a low-calorie diet that allows your body to starve for some amount of daily requirement of nutrients. Starving on nutrients initiates ketosis in your body that helps you to reduce weight faster.

    Nevertheless, after your pregnancy, you are now feeding your baby, and your body requires healthy nutrients for energy and bringing up your baby. If you want to reduce weight without affecting your milk production, try to cut off 500 calories from your diet. A reduction of 500 calories from your diet will keep your lactation intact, but it will also initiate a weight loss in your body.

  3. Prefer Breastfeeding

    There are several myths related to breastfeeding that many mothers prefer formula milk for their babies. Surprisingly, breastfeeding has many benefits, and one of them is its role in reducing weight. Remember that losing weight happens in months, not in days.

    Breastfeeding helps in the contraction of uterus faster and returns it to its normal size. Several studies say that breastfeeding results in a weight loss of mothers who prefer to feed their babies instead of formula milk.

  4. Add Superfood to your diet

    We get so much advice from our doctors and elders to consume healthy food during pregnancy. Do you know that you still need healthy food after childbirth? Your body requires more healthy nutrients now than before. You can choose food that is heavy in nutrients and low in calories.

    Adding fish to your platter will not only provide you healthy nutrients but also aid your weight loss. Consuming milk and yogurt are also part of Superfood. These nutrient-rich meals offer you energy and help in the development of your baby’s nervous system.

  5. Stay Hydrated

    Water is nature’s miraculous element. You can prevent yourself from dehydration by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Drinking water before your meals also fills your stomach and can make you eat less than your routine. Eating less will give fewer calories, and your body will be able to shed some of those pounds. Water also enhances our metabolism, which aids in the digestion of our food. So it is the ideal drink for you if you want to lose weight.



It is no crime to make efforts for a healthy weight and your desired body shape. It is easy to lose weight while you are not a mommy, but as a mommy your weight loss journey can be at a slow pace for some time. Remember that you can lose weight at any point postpartum, but you cannot get those nutrients back for your baby once you miss them. Your preference shall be a healthy baby that is only possible if you intake a sufficient amount of healthy nutrients. You can do some exercises, cut off some calories, eat low-fat foods to get back in your pre-baby body.






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A Guide To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

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